june 2015 menu plan


The boys are going to be at church camp the end of the month. We will have our Friday night dates, a couple nights we'll eat out - just because. And, I'm going to try a couple recipes. Now that I'm responsible for most of the cooking again, new recipes are no-brainers.

A Philly Cheesesteak Stromboli that I'm already eyeballing substitutions to the recipes (i.e. fresh mushrooms over canned/jarred)

Breakfast Bake with Hashbrown Crust for Elevate Sunday morning breakfast.

Farmstand One Pot Wonder - gotta love those One Pot dishes.

Lastly, a Knock Your Socks off Slow Cooker Chicken and Sausage

Now that I work dayshifts and get home in plenty of time to cook dinner, with maybe some prep work from John and Jarrod, I don't hesitate to put the more 'difficult' menu choices on during the week.

We have some old friends coming over in June for Tacos - their request! But, really looking forward to the time with them. And one of my meals in early June I'll double it to take to the a family in our small group since she is in the hospital. I'm really looking forward to the Tacos de Carnitas with Tomatilla salsa - yum!


May 2015 Menu Plan


One might think that I missed creating an April Menu but I just didn't get it put up here on the blog. I think these days there would be mutiny in my house if I stopped creating a menu. And I would be leading the rebellion. Having a monthly menu made is key to making our lives easier.

This month, or at least the last half of the month is a key time as it is when I move to the day shift at work and I will be able to come home a cook dinner. A change that John and Jarrod are looking forward to immensely.

So, I've added a couple of new recipes during the week since it will be me attempting the recipe first. I've even scheduled our monthly tacos during the week since they've been on weekends for the past two years.

While the boys can't wait for me to go to day shift I too am really looking forward to the change as well.


march 2015 menu.


For a couple months now we have only had computer access to government sites to include no save capabilities to anything but the hard drive so I have had to make our monthly menus in my not-so-free-time at home. This month, one of those longer months, it came down to the last day of the month before I finished the menu.

This month all of the new recipes I've included in our menu are for the weekend desserts for small group, or our weekend dinners, both of which I will be the chef. John and Jarrod are praying hard that my companies' bosses will approve of my shift change from the swing shift to the day shift because that will mean I can cook dinner every night instead of just weekends.

But, once again, thanks be to God, we are eating well. Oh, and Jarrod decided he wanted to make the Roasted Chicken, Roasted Red Pepper-Pesto Fettuccini dish that we know and love.


february 2015 menu.

February 2015 Menu

Because life has been overwhelming I am just now posting our menu for the month of February. We have been using it even though the first week I had to keep referring back to the copy on the computer because I hadn't even had time to print a copy for the refrigerator. I think a mutiny was in the works by my sons; my menus have created little crazy monsters - they kept asking what are we having for dinner? what are we having for dinner? It was nuts.

So I finally got the menu printed and there is peace in the world.

december 2014 menu plan.

December 2014 Menu

A bit late posting here but I've had our menu plan up since before December. I had to because our month is crazy, crazy. Journey, at Savannah Christian Church, began on the 3rd and Jeff, John, & Jarrod are serving ALL 10 days of the Journey. I am serving only 5 of the 10 days, and Mom and I will go through the Journey on one of the days. This means some meals will be out-to-eat or drive thru.

Jeff is Roman Calvary again this year so he'll be riding a horse - again. Jarrod is a Roman Guard (he purchased his own helmet and sword). With his height, and dropping his voice just a bit he sounds pretty darn stern and gruff. John will be in the blacksmith shop (again, this year) and the carpenter's shop within the city, Bethlehem.

Christmas dinner is Chicken Parmesan again this year. We like the simple dinner change. And once again this year we will have a New Years Eve bash - just family mind you - with tons of food and movies.

november menu plan.


I'm trying to stay on top of things amidst the disarray that is my house as we slowly, and I mean very slowly, unpack Mom's boxes, make decisions on whether to keep and where it goes (household or storage), chuck (ie. trash), or Goodwill. We have boxes already for Goodwill and we aren't anywhere near done.

So, when I found some time on a clear day I could see forever I put together November's meal plan, with a couple Boy Scout - Order of the Arrow campouts thrown in the mix, and then there is Thanksgiving. I will work on Thanksgiving but I'm home at lunch time so we'll shoot for a nice Thanksgiving lunch.

Just a couple new recipes this month: a Parmesan Meatloaf served with Garlic Spaghetti, a Roasted Red Pepper and Gouda soup that I've been wanted to try for ages, and a Tomatillo Ranch Chicken over Rice I'm looking forward to the flavors.

I also found my recipe, that I'd misplaced for years, for Impossible Pumpkin Pie that I'll serve to Small Group. I might even make a homemade Cinnamon Cool Whip.

Yummy meals. And I can't say enough how helpful having a meal plan is to - well - planning meals for the week, or even the day. Do I make changes through the month? Sure. Sometimes even an entire week of changes. But, this plan more often than not is the go-to plan for daily meal planning. 

october 2014 menu plan.


October's menu plan is posted on the refrigerator. The boys love checking out our menu plan for the month, oohing and aahing over what's for dinner over the weeks and what favorite recipes I've added to the menu.

This month's menu will be somewhat up in the air as it is a good bet Jeff and the boys will be gone for a week heading north to Indiana to pack up Mom and bring her home to us. From there we'll have to decide what meals can stay and which need to be replaced to accomodate Mom's eating disability, although many should work just fine and be adjusted to suit.

In any case, I've included a couple new recipes to try - per usual; a couple for our small group and a couple for the boys to try and create.

september menu plan.

Septermber Meal Plan

A ton of new recipes all in the boys' hands. But, I did try and find recipes not overly hard follow.

Small Group will reap the rewards with a Blueberry Bundt Cake.



And then there is this Apple Crack Dip.


And for dinner:

Fiery Jalapeno Chicken Melts


Bacon Jam Pork Chops


New Potatoes in Garlic Cream Sauce


Cheesey Potato Smoked Sausage Casserole


One Pot Andouille Skillet Pasta

And for an Elevate Breakfast to share:

Oven Baked Denver Omelet

Amidst a busy, busy month with campouts and weekend trips were gonna' serve up some good food.

august menu plan.

August Menu

While July's menu was a basic menu, old favorites, nothing new, August's menu has some new recipes thrown into the mix.

For Elevate I'll make some favorites like a Cheese Bake and Cowboy Quiche but I'm also going to try a sweet breakfast bread called Cinnamon Roll Bread.

For Small Group, my favorite guinnea pigs when it comes to trying new dessert recipes, I'm making Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake Bars, a Cajun Pineapple Rum Cake, a Peach Crisp (while the Georgia Peaches are still ripe), and Caramelitas (a chocolate, caramel bar cookie).

Lots of DATE NIGHTS are scheduled; a must with me working Mon-Thu, 2pm-12am. I'm making some of my favorite meals on the weekends and have left the 'easier' meals for the boys during the week. They are becoming quite the cooks - if they stay focused and on task.

August is looking yummy!

july menu plan

July 2014 Menu

Until the boys get home our menu plans are quite different with just Jeff and I eating. Weekends are made for stocking up with leftovers. But, once the boys do get home we'll get back to eating normal as the boys cook meals 4 times a week, our date nights on Friday and my weekend fare. No new dishes this month - gonna keep it easy on us as the month is so strange with the boys being gone then I know it'll take a week or two to get back in the groove of 'us' again.

Tacos this month. I haven't made Tacos in a couple months. The boys' birthday is this month so we'll either go out to eat, their choice, or I'll make a favorite dish. They do want me to make a Red Velvet cake for their birthday cake - yummy...I hope! Small group desserts are yummy and we're planning another Small group dinner at the end of the month.

We'll be at San's for the 4th of July. I'm just bringing homemade salsa and some fruit.

And that's our menu plan for the month of July.