june 2014 menu.

June 2014

In June: tons of new recipes.

In June: adding in some lunches/snacks for the boys and I

In June: keeping small group desserts simple

In June: challenging John and Jarrod with cooking all new recipes too

In June: I can forsee some changes as the summer progresses and we plan family things on the weekend that may influence our meals.

In June: looking forward to adding all those new recipes to our recipe repetoire.

twelve new recipes for june.

Lookin' ahead for my June menu plan I'm hopin' to bounce back from absolutely no new recipes in May to bring to our table not one, not three, not seven new recipes - but 12 NEW RECIPES in June.

I love perusing Pinterest for yummy looking recipes that I believe my family will love. I enjoy challenging my cooking skills and broadening our palette horizons with the different and unique and new. I follow quite a few food blogs and watch the food channels while I'm at work hoping something will catch my eye.

For June, this is my plan:

Italian Chicken Skillet

Lots of vegetables, some free-range chicken, and a myriad of spices for a one pot delishes looking dinner.

Roasted Chicken Breasts with Mustard Cream Sauce

Although it is another chicken recipe I'm excited to taste the married flavors of dijon, tarrogon, sage and thyme to name just a few. Not sure what I'll serve this with but I bet it's gonna' be good!


SoupChicken and Wild Rice Soup

The first of two new soup recipes, this looks simple and delightful and I'm really looking forward to trying a thick, rich chicken and rice soup.

Garlic Rubbed Roasted Cabbage Steaks

Because we like cabbage I'm always on the lookout for another way to infuse cabbage into our diets. Garlic + Cabbage + Yum!

0116124_Ribeye_s4x3_jpg_rend_sni12col_landscapeVidalia Onion and Garlic Ribeye Steak

I found this recipe in G. Garvin's Dining In recipe book. In fact, I found a ton of recipes to try because they weren't crazy, out there recipes but perfectly doable - yet slightly challenging and different for us. This recipe calls for a 24-ounce steak - WOW! Hunter Cattle Company here we come!

Ac0c849bad89d38eef7489fc6ae42097Bacon and Dill Deviled Eggs

When Jeff and I were on our 20th anniversary trip to St Augustine we stopped in for a very late dinner at the Gas Full Service restaurant for an amazing meal of thick-cut grilled pork chops with Chipolte Honey sauce and Mango salsa. The owners served us personally, because we were the only diners. The owners son had called us into the restaurant after we were going to walk away because they close at 9 and we didn't want to impose as it was already 8:40. Anyways, while we waited on our meal the owner brought out these delectiable bacon and dill deviled eggs. We loved them so much we asked how they were made - ingredients and all. I'm gonna' try and duplicate those flavorful deviled eggs because we love deviled eggs.

Bdf0af87e0f9246d3e46459c505b5253Orange Creamsicles

Cool, and fresh I can't wait to make these. The boys will love them!

Onion Soup with Fontina and Thyme

All things we love. Onions, beef broth, fontina cheese, and thyme. I'm so looking forward to making this. Jeff and I recently were in Kitchen Outfitters outfitting our kitchen with some large bowls suitable for the oven and for large onion soup servings.

Breakfast Potatoes with Red Chile Lime Hollandaise

I was watching Brunch with Bobby and saw him put this brunch together that included this amazing star dish with potatoes and chorizo, and a unique hollandaise sauce and I thought, "There isn't anything in that dish my man and boys won't like!" It's not healthy, but it looks mouthwatering.

Slow Cooker Chicken Gyros

Simple, easy, something the boys will be able to put together and sounds yummy.

Autumn Chopped Salad

Excited to try a new salad. Even if this is a lunch for the boys and I, I love the idea of the small pieces chopped for glorious mouthfuls of delight.


Peach and Jalapeno Jam

I love fruit and pepper jams - especially served with cream cheese and crackers. Oh my! I can taste it now. So looking forward to trying my hand at a sweet and spicy jam.

So that is it. 12 new recipes to try in June. I can't wait!








menu plan may 2014.

May 2014

Pretty strange not to have even one new recipe in the works for this coming month. Of course, wouldn't you know it; I've been reading a cookbook by G. Gavin I found on the shelves of the library and I've post it noted at the very least 10 recipes that look promising, and easy to make and yummy!

May just might entail the great switcharoo and on weekends I cook surprise everyone with a new, and unique recipe. What I found I liked about G. Gavins' book is the simplicity of the recipes - nothing to tasking, and no strange-for-us ingredients. Several of the recipes I'd like to try include wine in the recipe. I need to do a search of red and white wines to use in cooking. I'm pretty sure it's along the lines of, "if you drink the wine, you can cook with it too".

And, May is busy! A trip to St. Augustine, a boy scout court of honor, last days of co-op finishing up last days tests, and projects, several date nights, a boy scout boston butt cook, and hopefully the return of lunch dates once a week with hubby as he returns to his normal, not so normal, duties.

april menu plan.

April 2014 menu

Best thing I could have done for managing our family dinners and family life is plan a menu for an entire month. It works so well for us. Because I can see out for the whole month, we are eating different foods everyday of the month, new recipes are thrown in here and there, I have something to go by when I head out to do the shopping for the week, and it just, plain, makes life easier for us.

Our menu plan is where I schedule date nights for Jeff and I, breakfasts for the Elevate volunteers at church, and small group desserts. In addition, I often schedule boy scout events that will impact what is being served for dinner.

These menu plans have been such a blessing!

This month I've added a couple new side dishes of vegetables, enter in corn and carrots to the menu which we don't each much of - especially carrots. Otherwise, a pretty normal menu. We do have a friend coming over for Sunday afternoon lunch/dinner, and we're gonna' invite friends to either a Friday or Saturday dinner also this month.

january 2014 menu plans.


I have been planning our meals each month and making a calendar of meals, and date nights for several years now that it is a habit of mine to peruse my Pinterest Food Love board and my stash of recipes in my Recipe folder on my flash drive, and previously created menus in order to prepare the next months menu.

In this case, January 2014 Menu Plan.

Nothing new for 2014. I will still schedule date nights for Jeff and I in which the boys fend for themselves, while Jeff and I share a meal out to eat. Homemade Pizza is included each month and is also a Family Movie Night. Once a month I prepare a Breakfast to share with the Elevate volunteers on Sunday morning. Boy Scout campouts are scheduled. Small group desserts are planned. Because I work Mon-Thu, 2pm-12am, the boys are responsible for dinner on those nights so I must schedule meals according to their level of cooking expertise which is growing exponentially every day.

A big change this year is the occasional addition of Tacos on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. For some reason, eating left over tacos has become a chore for me and I haven't enjoyed them one time these last couple of months. So, I thought if I made them, and I ate them freshly made, not left over, I might enjoy them again.

A couple new recipes this month:

Tacos de Carnitas with homemade roasted Salsa Verde. Really looking forward to finally preparing this meal.

One Pouch Feast. A pouch of meat, potatoes, and vegetables, individually-wrapped for each person. Super easy and I can prepare ahead of time. The boys will just have to bake.

A new steak recipe, a new crockpot recipe, a new breakfast recipe for Elevate, and a couple of new desserts to try out on small group are all on tap for January.

We love our menu plans, and while they do at times get modified, and meals get moved around from one week to the next these plans have made life so much easier, with the added benefit of scheduled date nights.

april menu plan

It has been awhile since I posted a monthly meal plan although I do create them each month still and post them on our fridge. March's plan really got written on with many arrow changes, moving this day to that, and that day to here or there, and even a couple deletions. Hopefully this months' will be pretty well followed.

Of course date nights are annotated and will be followed. Introducing a couple new recipes and add to my 40 Recipes in a Bowl. One of the recipes has white beans in the recipe and while I will keep them in the recipe they will some how get pureed - I think I'll be able to handle them that way. I have a bean texture aversion.

Quite a few soups, trying to hang on to the cooler temperatures, at least in my mind. Although I never minded a good soup in the spring or summer either. Looking forward to our Family Pizza and a Movie night. I imagine we'll watch Zero Dark Thirty (a recent purchase); or maybe we'll begin the 1st Season of Quantum Leap.

february 2013 meal plan

this month it is all about going back to the basics. i've only included a couple new recipes in a bowl otherwise we are eating some old favorites and some newer favorites. i'm making big dishes like a smoked pork butt for sandwiches one day, brunswick stew another day, and bbq pork quesadillas another day (three meals from one); the same with chili and fritos today and saturday eating coney island chili dogs (two meals from one); a couple meatless meals are in there too.

i've been making meal plans successfully for several years now with great success. it keeps me organized  obviously for meal planning, but for grocery shopping, and just keeps my day solidified - no asking, wondering, stewing-on what's for dinner?

and our date nights are on the schedule.

january 2013 meal plan

already for the new year and continuing my meal planning for the month. in keeping with my challenge and one little word to simplify my life this meal planning is a necessity - and so much fun watching the boys peruse the menu, get excited at old favorites, wonder at new recipes, and most importantly look forward to our date nights.

new recipes for january 2013: cheesy garlic baked grits, hot wing soup, smokey chipolte potato soup, and oktoberfest lager stew (will be the first of my 40 new recipes in a bowl challenge) and finally strawberry margarita squares.


some old favorites that we probably haven't had in more than a year: marlboro man #1 sandwiches, turkey bacon melts, and barbecups.


of course, small group desserts/appetizers and our go-to favorites.

boys and jeff have a boy scout camp out and we're keeping our taco night interchanged with mexican night for an every other week thing.

november meal plan

it's only the end of the first week in november and i've already made changes to our meal plan, shuffling things around a bit. i just don't have issues with this. i'm not a perfectionist. it doesn't have to be matchy, matchy.

but, i tell ya, some of the recipes for this month i am so looking forward to.

the homemade roasted tomato basil soup was amazing! last night we had smoked brats on the grill, deviled eggs and PW's yummy onion straws. i've made these before so they aren't really a new recipe. and we are also having a new recipe called zuppa toscana which will be a re-creation of olive garden's zuppa toscana soup. i'll be serving caesar salad and a new ina garten garlic bread for an 'olive garden' type meal - of soup, salad, and breadsticks - without the breadsticks.

i think i'll serve it in my china, with cloth napkins and salad plates, and matching glasses.

today we're having a new mexican-type recipe: a mojo-marinated chicken fajitas with our homemade salsa and chips.

whiskey sliders, chicken parmesan, beef and broccoli, reuben sandwiches, bacon meatball subs, and barbeque chicken quesadillas with cilantro lime rice, and calzones - yum!

two other new recipes which will take me over 40 new recipes are saucy manicotti and a roasted sausage, potatoes, and pepper bake.

october menu plan l so many new recipes planned

our menu for october is filled with many new recipes to try. every sunday i'll be making a new dessert for small group to try. things like pumpkin crunch coffee cake, honey pie, quick cinnamon pull aparts, and caramel apple cheesecake bars - yum! i am hoping i'll have no trouble eating all of them.

i've also got some awesome main dishes planned that are new.

IMG_3672e2-410x273this loaded potato and buffalo chicken casserole i'm serving up with some sauteed green beans. hoping it's not too spicy!

StLouisSteaks-1-5-6301-410x273an old favorite - pork steaks getting cranked up a notch st louis style. the recipe looks like it'll take a little extra work but i'm hoping the flavor will be worth it. and pork steaks, like other pork chops are good for you.

speaking of pork chops. i'm going to be adding some bourbon in the mix for these bourbon basted pork chops. they look so yummy!

because we have such trouble getting the punks to eat fish i thought i'd attempt a different way to fix it. not as healthy but probably better tasting.

Crispy Beer Battered Fish Sandwich with Coleslaw and Tartar Sauce and a Side of Fries  1 500
a crispy beer battered fish sandwich with homemade tartar sauce.

a few other new recipes: a Cobb Salad and a Mojo Marinated Chicken Fajitas made with a mojo marinade i found on line somewhere.

we'll have a couple date nights, a small group dinner of smoked pork butt sandwiches that hoosier man and the boys will smoke with the boy scouts, and hoosier mans brunswick stew. can't wait!