52 Weeks of Giving | 45


A Christmas book Advent calendar. I found my favorites and search for other potential favorite Christmas books - 24 books - read one book each day beginning on December 1. 

I asked Elizabeth if this would be okay for the kids' Christmas present. Plus, it will make a nice tradition. The books will be wrapped and tagged with the day when I send them off (hopefully this week).

30 Days of Thankful 2017 | 5


We went pistol shooting again this week. So. Much. Fun. I was in a lot of pain and I was struggling to keep eyes on target and I was anticipating my shots, but I also tried new weapons. I'm trying a SIG SAUER 938 Compact next week. I handled it on Friday night and it was amazing! I'm hoping it will shoot well for me, because this might be my pistol. I'm working my way through pistols trying to find one that works for me, with my hands, so weak that they are.

I'm so thankful for this time, either on a date night, or us as a family, going pistol shooting. Our instructors are simply the best. We use Practical Applications Group and their ability to teach and motivate - impressive.

52 Weeks of Giving | 43


Without a doubt I know what it is like to obtain a Master's in Business Administration. It is a bear! Not only on the one doing the work for the degree but for the family putting up with the long hours it takes to get the degree. I remember Jeff saying after I'd graduated how thankful he was the 18 months were over because it was hard on him and the kids, too.

So, when Amanda, the other girl I work with, left her MBA announcement in the work logbook I knew I wanted to gift her with something special. I absolutely love my leather messenger bag slash briefcase slash laptop case and thought she'd like one too. I did get her a slightly bigger bag because I didn't know the size of her laptop and I know she travels for her other job. 

She loved it!

30 Days of Thankful 2017 | 4


I am so blessed to have found Whole 30. When I completed Whole 30 in August and lost 23 pounds and felt 10 times better than I'd felt in a long time I knew eating whole was going to be the way to go. I'm currently into another round of Whole 30 compliant (14 days) and yet, I have no doubt I will be blessed by even that.

For anyone hurting from rheumatoid arthritis or arthritis or who experiences increased inflammation Whole 30 is a healthy way to combat those aches and pains. Remove all sugars, grains, and dairy - I know, that's a lot to cut out of the diet, and I won't lie - IT'S HARD - but so worth it, too. And, it's doable.

Just look at that salad. A whole tomato, I stuffed mixed greens into a mason jar, I added a hard boiled egg, a couple radishes for spice, a third of a can of beets, and Whole 30 compliant homemade zesty Italian dressing. This is my lunch every day of the week (I might mix it up with the meat, add a vegetable here or there) but it fills me up and tastes so good.

Friday, with a cup of coffee | 26

Coffee_time_ii_by_azuziUnknown source, otherwise I would give it.

It's about time, isn't it about time for Friday, with a cup of coffee?

It's about time I share some really good stuff to savor and ponder and delight in around the world wide web where we can sometimes get lost in the treachery, deceit, and hate but, where, if we look for it, seek out the good, we will find it.

Here's just a few...of the really good stuff I have found, because...because I have to find the good. It is not always evident at first glance. But, when I look for the good I WILL find it:

Sarah Bessey, who I had no idea who she was until I saw an 'if you're in my city, my church is hosting Sarah Bessey...' on Facebook. So I looked her up. If an author or speaker has a blog I like to read it to get a feel for, maybe, who they might be. Blogs can sometimes be deceiving but if someone is true enough, vulnerable enough, we can still find the real person behind the blog by reading what they write. I think this is someone I'd like to listen to or read more from. She challenges the status quo. I might not agree with everything she writes but I don't have to. I can still listen. I read this blog post called Rumours of the Real. I. Was. Blown. Away! I can't stop thinking about it.

This is how we should 'take a knee'. This is why we should take a knee.

I've usually heard those little known facts about NCIS but there are some in this enlightening list I didn't know. How fun!

Relational conflict? Here's why and how to handle it.

What a very interesting article on not teaching your kids to say I'm sorry, but teaching empathy and compassion, instead.

What a wonderful idea! I wonder if this is something our city (communities) would appreciate. Little Free Libraries! (Note: I think this would be an amazing Eagle Scout Project!) I wonder if my Eagle Scouts, my hubby, my son-in-law would build be one of these for our front lawn - for our neighborhood.

The World Feels Awful...then I read this.

Here are 18 things you can do right now to make yourself happier. I can attest to many of these, but especially, watching the sunrise. I do this almost every day of the week and it is glorious.

I hope you have enjoyed our jaunt around the world wide web and leave inspired and uplifted.

stories 2017 | best memory


Digitally, I am trying to keep my pages clean and simple with just a few embellishments. Clean and simple, when it comes to scrapbooking, I have found is my love language. While I might dream I can create more 'creative' pages, I, however, cannot 'dream' them into being.

For this 2-page 6 x 8 spread, I simply used two journal cards and a couple embellishments from Ali Edwards Design BEST Story kit. The idea: Clean and simple. Photos + Words. Words are another thing I have been concentrating on lately, hoping to convey more of the story, smaller stories within the whole and not just a broad stroke or sweeping glance at our life. 

I adore these photos of Jeff (Grandpa + Pop Pop, because Ian still calls him Pop Pop, although he's coming around) and two of his grandsons, Ian and Wyatt. We visited Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina while we were staying with Ashley for the weekend. It was a really good time. We took our time. We ambled, unhurriedly through the zoo and accompanying botanical gardens. We went at Ian's pace as he was in charge of the map.

Having just made it through the slithering snakes display Ian, decided a face painted like a snake was in order and Wyatt chose everyone's favorite, a tiger.