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I wanted to make sure I recorded my story about the unusual snow fall that hit Savannah early January. I have such big love for snow, but I'll have to admit this was crazy!

I love these pages and this project.

Because this is a 6 x 8 album I love going big on one of the pages with a BIG photo and even a big title. I used Ali Edwards' Story kits for these pages. Her digital kits that come out each month as part of a subscription are so versatile. This kit is called FOR THE LOVE - yet it fits for a winter story!

Each photo I added a smaller part of the bigger story. It's not completely told, but I'm saving some of it for more photos with Jeff that were taken when he got home, before the sun went down. I'm sure, before all is said and done, the snow that hit Savannah in 2018 will be duly recorded.

Project Life 2018 | Week 1


Starting off Project Life 2018 right. I began putting these pages together on the 2nd of January with my idea already formulated. In keeping with my clean and simple goal for this project, I documented this first week of January - clean and simple.

I had a unifying embellishment - the thick, abbreviated days of the week brushes; and a second is the journal cards with the days of the week. The year began with the 1st on a Monday so it made the decision easy that I would document at the beginning of the week through Sunday, so, Monday-Sunday.

Because Wednesday was a crazy snow day Project Life will not be my only way to document this 'big' event that was our life, but, here I kept it to a minimum, one day, one photo. I caught the front of our house so pristine, without blemish from footprints when I finally pulled into the driveway after a very long day at work and a crazy slow and nerve-wrecking drive home. It turned my dismay to pure joy.

Loved our weekend. Jeff and I saw The Greatest Showman and loved it! I walked out say, "My mom would love this movie!" A stack of books came in the mail - my planned reading for the next couple of months. Then, Sunday, Dave Ramsey preached at our church for the opening and kickoff of our church's big push for Financial Peace University. Really looking forward to Jeff and I taking this class together with our small group.

one thousand gifts 2018


1. He changed the light bulb in our bedside lamp to a three-way bulb because my one little word for 2018 is LIGHT. And, made me smile.

2. We ate the best meal to begin the new year: homemade tacos; and all four of us were sitting around the table.

3. Jeff is home from working out of town and this job and his next are in town.

4. Jeff and the boys vacuumed the entire house while I was at work, to include ceiling fans and walls.

5. A new year waiting expectantly on God!

6. Received this text from Jeff, "Baby, I thank God we have a warm house to live in!" Texted when the thermometer outside read 21 degrees Fahrenheit. "Ditto, baby!"

7. It SNOWED in Savannah! Not just a light dusting but the ground was covered with snow. It was beautiful!

8. Because of the snow, driving was hazardous. I'm so thankful we got where we needed to be safely, albeit slowly.

9. Making time for my word study on LIGHT.

10. John finally got his drivers license! Passed the first time.

11. Kobi Teriyaki Chicken and rice with Yum Yum sauce when you forget to take something out for dinner.

12. The Greatest Showman. Great show.

13. Beginning Financial Peace University after listening to Dave Ramsey speak for the first time at our church.

Note: the photo is a visible satellite image of the southeast United States. The white over GA/SC is not clouds but - SNOW!



light | 1


Several Sunday mornings ago, I walked in ahead of my crew (my husband and my two 20-year old sons) and paused to say hello to the group of gentlemen that my husband and my sons serve with every Sunday morning as communion and offering ushers. One of the gentlemen stopped me long enough to tell me this (paraphrased):

Your sons are amazing! It is such a special thing that young adult men will serve each and every Sunday, offer themselves, sacrifice their time, to serve others. Their service and faithfulness is truly a blessing. You have grown wonderful young men. You must be so proud of them.

My eyes glistened. What could I say? "Thank you so very much for that encouragement."

You know what?

It wasn't the first time we have been given a compliment or a word of encouragement about the young men we have been raising. When we are tearing our hair out in frustration because they don't seem to be living up to their abilities - or dare I say our expectations - we receive words of affirmation from people who have, or are, living similar roads we are on. They lighten our parenting load.

Sometimes they are simply seeing through clearer eyes. Because our own eyes have become clouded over from home-life frustrations. Our sons aren't being someone different when they leave the home. They are just saving the best parts of themselves for others. They are applying what they've learned to others. Serving outside of the home.

We have taught them to serve others because we have modeled serving others.

Here's what I've learned from this encounter:

1. Lighten someone's parenting load with a word of encouragement; compliment their kid - to them. Make sure it's an honest endorsement but a word of encouragement will give a parent clearer vision, even for a few minutes. 

2. Lighten up. You probably are doing it right. It just doesn't always seem like it because, let's face it, kids are, or can be, frustrating creatures.

3. Be a light. Our kids will learn serving when we model service. Serving together is even a more effective lesson. Jeff served as a den leader in Cub Scouts, then, as an Assistant Scoutmaster in Boy Scouts. John and Jarrod followed suit: as Cub scouts and Boy scouts their acts of service were through the roof. Whenever and wherever we served at church or in other areas the boys always came with us and contributed. Jeff served on the traffic team at church and when John and Jarrod were old enough they served with him. When Jeff moved to children's ministry John and Jarrod found ways to serve there, too; each finding their own niche. I'm serving up there now, too, so we are serving together every week. Wherever there is a need, if the boys are available, they'll jump in to meet it - right along side us. John has taken these acts of service into his workplace. His boss told us that John looks out for him, does the hard jobs for him, and doesn't let him overextend himself. John isn't doing it for any other reason then serving his boss and the people he works with and making their job easier, lighting their load.

My one little word this year is LIGHT. I want to see LIGHT, find LIGHT, grow into my word LIGHT. I want to learn about LIGHT. I want LIGHT to change me and to become a LIGHT.


I have several sets of photos of Ella and Noah to catch up on and these are from those sets. Elizabeth always rocks Halloween for the kids and this year was no different.


Noah was too cute as the Joker. Elizabeth said by the end of the evening he had no problem saying Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween to every house they stopped at. How cute is that!


I am having a blast, digitally speaking, with telling stories using the 6 x 8 size pages. While I can't get lots of photos on the pages, they are enough to tell the story. For these pages I used Ali Edwards' digital monthly kit for October.

all about me | January Currents


I am creating an All About Me album for this year, 2018, and my plan is to regularly make pages for that album. Sure, I'm creating other things, too; like, my One Little Word album - LIGHT and I am doing a clean and simple Project Life 2018 album. Then, there is the Stories 2018 album.

Just digitally scraping a little bit this year. 

Or, is that too much?

I'm not dreading any of these projects in the least. In fact, I'm seriously excited about 2018.

Will I miss some weeks in Project Life? Yes, but, I see a good finish. I'm even thinking - this year...this year I'll finish a One Little Word album.

My plan is to continue my monthly Currents in 2018 but instead of just 'blogging' about them I'm making a page for my All About Me album - because they are about me. And, here is January's page. Some months will have many more 'currents', or    -ing words, but this month I only included 5 to get me started on the year.

Digitally, I used Ali Edwards Story kits For the Love and Me.

stories 2017 | white christmas


Although we didn't have a white Christmas here in Savannah, I was thrilled to hear that Elizabeth, in Maryland, had some snow in early December. Hopefully, snow gear was on Noah's Christmas list because while the snow was perfect for snow ball fights, and angel wing making, Noah only was able to spend a short amount of time 'walking in a winter wonderland' because his hands and feet and legs were too cold. 


I loved putting these pages together. I tried some new things with the snow. Hiding some house siding and fencing and a a tree and keeping the background all snow. I did it in Photoshop elements and it was a huge learning curve that I have nowhere near mastered but I'm satisfied with these pages how they turned out, anyways.

The white Christmas brush overlay on the picture above I created for a page in my December Daily album and it fit perfectly for this page that I decided to use it again. The brilliance of digital at its best. 

There is absolutely zero doubt that my grandson is a cutie patootie. But, baby, it sure was cold outside.  Besides, that overlay, digitally, I used Paislee Press templates and her Winter Vibes kit. I'm hoping I'll have the opportunity to use this kit for some of our own pages this winter as freezing rain and snow are in the forecast this week.

one little word 2018 | light


And just like that 2017 has come to a close and we are ushering in 2018.

Each year I choose one little word to focus on, be intentional with throughout the year because…”A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow.” (Ali Edwards)

Last year my One Little Word was NOURISH. It was my best year for nourishing a heart of giving; nourishing a heart of gratitude; nourishing my spiritual and physical life; nourishing relationships. I saw ripples on the waves of a giving heart. God worked and I am changed.

This year, I chose the word LIGHT.


I am making an album of my year long one little word and these 'pages' will go in my album. I am taking Ali Edwards One Little Word® class and this album will be for that class. In past years I haven't 'finished' an album although I may have experienced my word all year long, such as NOURISH 2017. I am hoping, yes, hoping, that this year will be different. I hope to complete this album of LIGHT.

Above is the enlarged definition of LIGHT with accompanying synonyms. These are potential ways - guiding words - I will invite LIGHT into my life.

While, ultimately, the Word of God will be my guiding LIGHT during this journey into light, I searched for quotes that spoke to me and because I have had issues with fear in my life and although fear is not what is driving me to LIGHT, I loved this quote by J.R.R. Tolkien, as much for because he is the author of my beloved Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit as for, 'no half-heartedness and no worldly fear must turn us aside from following the light unflinchingly.'

All of these pages are a part of the January prompt within the One Little Word® class. We are using 'the beauty of becoming...' as our class motto or theme and it fits perfectly with my reason why: the beauty of becoming LIGHT.



My reason why I chose LIGHT. Difficult to put into words what my heart wants to say.

Which leads me to inviting LIGHT into my life...


Thus, begins my journey into 'the beauty of becoming' - Light. 

December Daily | 25


And that's a wrap! December Daily is completed. 25 December stories are in the book. I love my simple and clean album. My entire December Daily 2017 album can be found here.

I am super excited I finished this album. I finished my 30 Days of Thankful album. I finished my 52 Weeks of Giving album and I finished my 52 Gratitudes 2017 album. I read 100 of 100 books in 2017 and even though I didn't complete Project Life this year I've made a ton of pages, told a lot of Stories 2017

I kept the last two-page spread easy and clean. I used the overlay by Ali Edwards as well as an older template which I modified, of course.

Simple, sweet, tells the story of our day.