fall diy projects # 1 | gold leaf painted succulent pots

On my Autumn Manifesto is complete my fall diy projects (list). This past week I checked off one of those projects. I made gold-leaf, painted succulent pots. Now, I just need to plant the succulents.

The pots are painted in the teal family to go in our living room.

They were pretty easy to make. Although the gold-leaf was messy and not necessarily compliant at all times. I really didn't follow the directions on the gold-leaf package, but it worked out ok. Here's what I did:

1) I purchased four different sized pots with their bottoms. They are all on the small side and I like that I found a pot that was skinnier at the bottom and taller.

2) I picked up paints from Michaels. I just used Folk Art because they were the acrylic paints that were on sale. I love Martha's paints but her's are so expensive (even if on sale) and these are just flower pots.

3) I wiped down the pots, allowed to dry and then painted each pot and its bottom the same color. I was on the edge using the gold leaf because I saw another set of pots on Pinterest that painted the geometric shape using the paints and leaving some of the pot terra cotta and I thought that looked cool too. But, I wanted to tackle a fear also - fear of trying something new, using something I have no idea how it's going to turn out. So I went with the gold-leaf.

4) I used just one sheet of gold-leaf for the geometrics on the four pots. Using a straight edge from my craft stash, I cut through both pieces of plastic covering and the gold-leaf. I brushed on some Modge Podge in a small area where I wanted the geometric shape to go and applied the gold leaf (peeling off one side of the plastic, laying on the gold leaf, pressing firmly, and peeling off the top piece of plastic.)

5) By the last geometric I had really gotten the hang of using gold leaf.

And there you have it. 4 tiny gold-leaf succulent pots in some gorgeous colors.

pin action | diy photo wall

Awhile back Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess posted her and her husbands diy Instax Wallpaper they put up in their new house.

a beautiful mess

And I fell in love.

Everyday I visited her site, found the blog post of the diy wall and enjoyed the view, all the while imagining my living room blue wall being covered with photos.

About a week later Jeff and I were talking while I was surfing the web and I purposefully visited A Beautiful Mess and showed Jeff the diy wall.

Then I asked him if it would be alright if we did that to the blue wall in the living room.

I held my breath.

And he said yes.

For the next several months I formulated a plan of how I would go about doing this. I knew I couldn't afford 'wallpaper' like Elsie had done. We didn't have connections to have printed the photos for cheap.

When my daughter Ashley came home for a couple months we continued talking about the wall and I began hunting through my photos.

I knew I would use 4 x 4 pictures with a thin white border. After going through my photoshop elements actions I decided on a 'colorized' action from the Pioneer Woman that she had offered free when she still had her photography blog.

I would need over 900 photos to cover the entire wall.

I got started uploading photos to Walgreens, finding a great deal on prints, and having the beginning photos printed.

Then my sister Paula visited for one day.

Between my sister, my daughter, and I we came up with a more feasible dIY.

Then I became super excited. This wall was going to make a statement. Huge impact!

The entire wall of photos became a 4 foot by 8 foot wall of photos centered horizontally on my blue wall.

And I look at it all the time. Giddy doesn't come close to how I feel about this wall. Ecstatic. Energized. Proud.

Jeff 'built' the 4' x 8' frame, painted the molding to match the other walls in the room; Ashley and I put up the 240+ photos.

My grandson Ian, especially likes to walk by pointing out everyone calling out their names.

I love this diy project. It is one of my favorites.

I'm not sure if I can top this DIY but I'm sure gonna' try.

pin + action | 06 front door mat


pin (p n) ac·tion (ak'sh n) v.

1. the act of pinning; and then making, crafting, copying, diying, the pin


early in my pinning days i'd seen this mat and thought, 'hey, i could make that for our front door!' and so it went every time i passed the mats in department stores i searched for a plain mat with nothing on it. about a month ago i was in walmart and saw one. i nabbed it! the other day i picked up stencils.

with black acrylic craft paint, a foam brush, and those stencils i made my mat. besides it being super crooked, and uncentered hoosier man and the boys like it - so it's going out our front door. we currently have a very old, very faded mat that we had purchased years and years ago when we were in virginia on a mission trip to equipping the saints. the mat says, ' well butter my bu*t and call me a biscuit, look whose here!' pretty cool!

but, then, so is hi. i'm mat.

i wasn't kiddin' about the crooked and off-centered but i'm gonna put it out anyway. not everything i pin and take action on is gonna' turn out perfect. i get that. but this one isn't bad enough to hide.








pin + action | 05 paper towel holder


pin (p n) ac·tion (ak'sh n) v.

1. the act of pinning; and then making, crafting, copying, diying, the pin

i was pinning just the other evening from my laptop in the living room. i pinned this paper towel holder on to my board kitchen love. the diy came from itsy bits and pieces.

i showed the diy to hoosier man. his comment was mostly silence, or some mumbling comment of uninterest. i concluded the paper towel holder would be great for the kitchen. again not much of a response.

last night hoosier man comes home from work with everything he needed to make the paper towel holder. simple as that. no begging and pleading. just the supplies and the fact that he used his Christmas present gift card to purchase those supplies.

and i am thankful. grateful. excited. overjoyed. hum...this non-committal, silence thing is interesting.

hoosier man had all the pieces already put together when he got home.

so we decided which side of the cabinet to place the towel holder. and he started drillin'

that's my hoosier man. he's super talented and gifted like that. he pretty much can fix anything.

he posed for this shot.

i love my super cool, industrial-style paper towel holder. and it is off my counter!!!!

pin + action | 04


pin (p n) ac·tion (ak'sh n) v.

1. the act of pinning; and then making, crafting, copying, diying, the pin

while i was home over thanksgiving and shopping on black friday (seems i started a previous post like this...), we went to joanne's first off. we always do. everyone was buying something. i wasn't going to. but i wanted to. i decided to visit other parts of the store while my mom and sister were in the fabric cutting aisle waiting for their turn. i spotted these paper mache letters that were quite large. i originally wanted the 23"-high letters but figured these would work great because of how thick they were.

i pinned this display of N O E L from pottery barn from craftily ever after and knew i would one day make it.

so i've had the letters for a while now and after the first of the year when i decided i needed to start taking action to all those things i was pinning i also knew it would be soon that i'd make that NOEL christmas decoration.

my typical way of doing things is to make christmas decorations after christmas (sure, i make some before too, but it never fails that i get in the mood after christmas).

so i bought some krylon hammered bronze spray paint, some more E6000 super strength affixing glue stuff and went to town.

1) First, i glued the bottom of the N to the top of the E, then glued the side of the E to the side of the L and let all that dry for about 36-hours.

2) Then, i glued the O catt-e-corner (i have no idea how to spell it) tilted on top of the L and hugging the N.

3) i was concerned that the O, because it had such a small area to glue that it would come apart but E6000 glue is strong.

4) then i began spray painting.

5) the first coat looked like this. i was already seeing the awesomeness of the hammered bronze spray paint.

6) i let that dry overnight before i gave it a second coat to try and smooth things out a bit and hit any areas that i missed.

7) my finished N O E L project.


so gorgeous! i got to say that i love them way better than pottery barn's!!!! sorry pb.

pin + action | 03



this block nativity scene has been on my christmas love pin board since i began pinning. i have wanted to make these forever. even before i began pinning i had these saved into my favorites.

one day.

this past thanksgiving we made it down to florida for the thanksgiving family gathering...and black friday shopping. when we hit black friday shopping its always joannes, micheals, and target and other places might include hobby lobby. this past black friday we hit hobby lobby and i hit pay dirt.

8 inch blocks were on sale 50% off. i knew immediately i had to have them for this project.

while i would have loved to have made the vinyl pieces myself on my very own silhouette camea - alas, i do not have one in my possession. so i had to purchase them.

this was a very simple pin + action.

my supplies were simple:

three vinyl nativity cut-outs, 3 - 8-inch glass blocks, three strands of tiny white lights, and a spool of 2-inch shimmery ribbon, and scissors.

1) i affixed the vinyl onto the glass block

2) stuffed in the strands of tiny white lights into each block

3) cut off a good length of shimmery ribbon, wrapped it around the block and tied it into a bow at the top. i did use some clear pop dots to hold the ribbon ends in place.

here's a close up of one of the blocks.

easy-peezy. and these have become my most favorite christmas decoration.

yes, even over my snow men.

pin + action | 02

awhile back i pinned this awesome, creative necklace from a girl who makes and knew at some point i would take action and make one for myself.

my boys were away this weekend on a campout so i thought it would be a great time to create my own necklace.

my supplies included: 5 colors of craft paint, 10 hole-drilled wooden balls, painters tape, a paint brush, and a length of thin leather

i used a lovely turquoise, a sharp pink, a delightful orange, a rad lime, and a decadent brown. i would have liked martha stewart paints but these were on sale for cheap and martha stewarts are very expensive

i worked two at a time, taping off half of each wooden bead, painting, letting dry, and applying a second coat. i have to say that the photo does not due the colors justice. they are bold and bright in real life.

i love my new necklace. i spruced up my workout outfit with the necklace. it made it just a tad dressier.

so very cool.

and that is my second pin + action this year.

pin + action


pin (p n) ac·tion (ak'sh n) v.

1. the act of pinning; and then making, crafting, copying, diying, the pin

the other day i was perusing pinterest and finding things to pin. and boy was i on a role and probably pinned 50+ things - easy. i'd already decided that i needed to not just pin but make what i pin, or craft what i pin, or diy what i pin, or fix what i pin. so i made a plan for some

pin action.

i started easy.


with simplifying my life there are some areas that need some touches. one is my scraproom. yes, i'm going to simplify, and organize my scraproom but i also want it to be a haven, plus inspiration. see words. see design. see thoughts. creative endeavors.

so to begin (before i even begin simplifying, purging and organizing) i did a little pin action.

and made this. once i get a collection words i'll hang them, or put them on a wall ledge.