project life 2014 | week 24


Just a really good week, albeit tiring. My FitBit is motivating, thus I'm walking all the time to reach 10,000 steps each day - not easy to do; and, some days I just can't do it.

God is sending the rains. The storms this week were awesome sights coming in, moving through, and moving out. Crazy weather associated too. It has kept me hoppin' at work.

We ordered NetFlix this week. We began with the television show Flashpoint.


Really good Father's Day too. Simple pages. Keeping it simple and clean is what works best for me.


And another week of our lives is documented. This is such a good feeling.

project life 2014 | week 23

still going strong!


Just a couple hours to finish this past weeks Project Life - Week 23. I used BH Midnight Edition, Cathy Zielske templates and Ali Edwards overlays. Love how this weeks muted tones with lots of 'white' turned out.

It was a really long, but good week!


We visited the library. Jeff was working in Jacksonville for a few very long days, but accomplished great things. I made two new recipes over the weekend. Jeff and I had a sort of date night - ate dinner together at Jalapenos after a long Saturday of 'after the storm' clean up of all the yards they take care of. Boys mowed, edged, blowed their lawn care business this week. We had an Elevate picnic but got a severe storm rollin' through which sent everyone home.


Vegetable plants are thriving. I made another project this week - Wax-resist watercoloring. According to my FitBit I walked 12+ miles this week - go me! Just a really good week with some really good successes for Jeff, me, and even the boys finishing up Algebra 2 with A's.

project life 2014 | week 22


54 photos uploaded. No pictures of human bodies taken. Tons of storm photos hoping to get just that shot, but just ok. I kept it simple with the cloud pattern when I went on shift one day this week and what became of the sky when a severe storm moved through the weather station/airport.

Cathy Zielske and Ali Edwards digital products used.


I love those sweet little 'instagram' photo spots by Cathy Zielske which I used across the bottom of the left hand side of the page, using photos from the week. The remainder of the page is of the cirrostratus cloud deck with accompanying ring around the sun (indicative of ...a cirrostratus cloud deck).


The skies changed dramatically that day filled with a severe storm that moved through the airport and according to tower's wind sensor gave us 60 knots of wind. Crazy storm!


I created a 6 x 12 journal insert for the week - something a little different. I have 6 x 12 document protectors that I'll insert between the left and right pages. While I may not have had a ton of pictures that fully represented the week we had alot happen that I wanted to make sure I recorded.

project life 2014 | week 21


Red. White. Blue. Preparing for Memorial Day. Good week spiritually, playfully, family-wise, us. Tough week with Mom in ICU.



Super simple pages. It is my best go-to way to put Project Life pages together. Cathy Zielske templates make it even easier, and some freebies along the way.

After finishing our LIFE albums, chronologically, and then getting in the mail Project Life weeks 1-20, I am super stoked about staying on track, taking more pictures (I took 54 pictures this past week - although many were horrible), and getting the weeks PL done earlier in the week.

project life 2014 | week 20


For this weeks two-page spread I used an old, but favorite standby and inserted titles and journaling right on the photos. While I had slightly more photos this week I still am struggling getting photos during the week and of US! Really need to figure out a solution. I kept this weeks super clean and simple as well, using one 'set' of freebies I recently downloaded - love the colors; and Ali Edwards Days of the Weeks journal spots. So cool!


It was a busy week - it seemed, but when I went back to journal - not everything came to mind and I'm sure I've missed a bunch of 'life'. Weekends, from Friday-Sunday seem to be our 'busy' life and when the most gets recorded. I think because we are all home.


After our date night (which is always a favorite time for me), my favorite part of the week was Active Shooter Training on Saturday afternoon at our church. Fantastic! We did a bunch of scenarios, a bunch of moving - in ways my body doesn't normally move, and we learned so much. Fun!!!


project life 2014 | week 19


No, unfortunately, the car is not ours. Darn. It is just a rental. But, a pretty rad rental nonetheless!

Busy, busy, busy week. I will be including a 6 x 12 journaler to this spread because I've got much more to share of the week. I'm also hoping to acquire some additional pictures of the weekend, most of which was the Boston Butt cookout for Boy Scouts, last day of homeschool co-op and Mother's Day.

Most of the photos shared on this weeks Project Life are of our 20th anniversary very short getaway to St. Augustine, Florida. While too quick it was fantastic! We absolutely had a great time - it is so up our alley, this viewing history, taking pictures, being together, exploring.

I used a bunch of freebies from my digital stash + Cathy Zielske templates and some Ali Edwards overlays. I bit more embellishment heavy on this two-page PL but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

project life 2014 | week 18


With few photos to choose from this week - although I am hoping I'll get some photos from various scout leaders of John and Jarrod at camp and I can incorporate another page into this week's Project Life - otherwise - this is a one-page Project Life week.

And that is ok.

Plus, I decided to just not complete Week 17 since I had no photos from the week. Frustrating, yes! But, it is what it is.

I used a Cathy Zielske template, and several other Cathy Z templates plus some Ali Edwards and Paislee Press overlays.

I also realize that I have no pictures of 'people'. This bothered me but again - it is what it is and I can still tell the story. So, week 18 is done and I'm back on track. This is the key to staying on track. I can decided to skip a week if I need to, if it is what is holding me back from moving forward - which it was.

project life 2014 | week 16


New place to eat. Chipolte's. It was fantastic. The burrito bowls are to die for. New experience. A smashed hand and an emergency room visit. A new pallet of wood for a new handicap bathroom still needing to be built. A new and fresh word from Him who has RISEN!


A pretty darn good week, aside from the ER visit for Jeff. He ended up heading to Ft Stewart by himself - I was already at work and it is one of those jobs I cannot walk away from.


Lots of Ali Edwards' overlays and brushes used. That THANK YOU is mine. I made a couple card sets of pastel colors.

Project Life is the memory keeping system that lets you have a life while still having time to document that life. I have documented every week of our life for 1 year and 16 weeks now. Pretty darn cool! It hasn't gotten old.


project life 2014 | week 15


Used the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure color scheme for Week 15 two-page spread. This week is all about the guys. From the race, which all three ran the 3.2 mile run to sawing/chopping wood. Photos are all from the weekend - again. What to do? What to do? about getting photos during the week.


Light on journaling, but used a Cathy Z card, some various freebies (pink) and some Ali Edwards as well.


This week went together fairly quickly. I'm still struggling to transfer all my digital products over to the new computer, but I'm also struggling using the new computer - murder on my neck and shoulders.

project life 2014 | week 14


Now we are talkin'! Clean and simple but with color. Love it! Our visit to H&R Block to do our taxes and our selfie in the window gave me the color scheme for this weeks pages. With some of the outdoor-sy photos it is a great complimentary color for the spread. I had fun with Cathy Zielske templates and Ali Edwards overlays and brushes - my go-to digital designers for Project Life pages.

It was a pretty good week - and I didn't lose any sleep with upcoming taxes even though I knew we would have to pay and even though we're almost $5000 dollars poorer. But, Jeff in his God-given wisdom reminded me we are paying with our abundance! I've found so often that God intervenes, the Holy Spirit speaks loud and clear to at least one of us when, especially, one of us is struggling, the other builds up.


It is such a blessing the skills Jeff has taught the boys. They have done such great jobs on lawns that others in the neighborhood have asked the boys to mow - a true testimony of their hard, conscientious work. They won't have any trouble saving for things with 8 or so yards to mow each time. It's alot of work but God is blessing their efforts. From the beginning the boys tithe and save off the top. They also pay into maintenance and pay their dad (their employee). I'm so proud of them!


Not sure how we did so much on Saturday: Taxes, Farmer's Market, Grocery shopping, cleaned the house, mowed lawns, crafted a card set, made homemade pizza and watched a movie. Just a really good day to almost end the week out.

Sunday was cram packed busy too: Serving at church in Elevate, church service, Lori McDonald over for Tacos and Jalapeno Poppers, Jeff works the afternoon at the church setting up the stage for the upcoming Easter services, and Small Group in the evening.

The end of a good week.