looking back | top ten


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From Week 8, 2013: I loved the photos, the stories, and the simple colors of the pages - black and white with few embellishments; just the way I like it.

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From Week 10, 2013: I loved that I changed up templates. I adore the big photo divided among the smaller photos. Great way to complete a week of few photos yet still capture some of that week.

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From Week 14, 2013: Gotta say my favorite part of this week was the center 3 x 4 journal cards I created using various raw textured papers: bricks, woods, and kraft.

< four >

From Week 13, 2013: Definitely my favorite part of Week 13 is the uniform journal cards across the middle, and the repetitive, color-coordinated embellishments.

< five >

From Week 4, 2013: I love this color combination and the various ways I added journaling (along with those colors).

< six >

From a week in September, 2013: I loved working with one digital kit and the bright colors was a nice change. Of course, my favorite part of this page was the matching journaling cards for each day of the week across the center.

< seven >

From Week 17, 2013: I love the vintage feel of these pages, the burnished gold, and woods. Just love it!

< eight >

From Week 24, 2013: My favorite part of this page set is definitely the titles across the photos along with a smaller- sized journaling for each photo, and the use of black and white.

< nine >

From Week 31, 2013: Journaling for every photo + lots of photos; I also love the repetition of the left side and then the repetition of the right side and how they both go together so well.

< ten >

From Week 33, 2013: BIG TITLES! Love them still. I'll definitely repeat this process in 2014.

It was so much fun flipping through 52 Weeks of Project Life 2013 and picking out my favorite 10 pages. When I was saving the weeks I hadn't planned necessarily on just a top ten but when I was done I'd hit 10 favorites. There are tons of pieces of these pages that I'll be repeating in 2014 because they are classic, clean and simple ways to bring wow to my pages.










project life | 52


I DID IT! I completed this year-long project of documenting our life each week (minus one or two weeks). To say I am relieved is not enough. To say I am grateful is not enough. To say I am ecstatic and grateful and relieved is pretty close to my feelings of accomplishment.

Clean and simple, and lots of white space will be my watchwords for 2014 Project Life.

Yep, I'm continuing Project Life into 2014.

But, this week was about new recipes, Christmas, date night, movies at the theatre, Jeff and the boys making some surprise money from a yard job, finishing a project and just a relaxed week.

Jeff and the boys were working in the yard and the cats were 'around', mostly staying out of their way, but exploring the backyard too.

And so ends our year 2013, documented for all time. Such a wonderful feeling.


project life | 51


Project Life 2013 is coming down to the wire. This week is the last week of the year, which includes Christmas week. I'll begin the new Project Life 2014 beginning on the 30th of December as it begins a new week that encompasses the new year.

Did I lose you yet?

But, for now I'm still catching up with Project Life, and other yearly projects, and with the desire and focus to finish strong planted firmly in my motivation bank I bring Project LIfe   |   Week 51.

I'm already planning Project Life 2014, pinning tons of ideas to my Project Life Pinterest board and I've notice something in the most recent selections. White space. Simple. White space. I love it.

With white space on my creative mind, I used all Paislee Press (and Liz Tamanaha products) for my Week 51. Lots of white space + black. Phots + journaling. Done. And done.

And I love how it turned out.

Moving on to the last week of the year - week 52...

project life | 50


Wow! Almost an entire year of our life story documented. Through it all we still lived life to the fullest. Having this crazy idea to tell our story this past year, joining thousands upon thousands doing the same thing with Project Life, and I'm finishing out the year strong. Crazy thankful to God for settling us into a different season of life half way through the year, and still finding the time necessary to complete almost a whole year straight through, minus a week here and there.

This week was all about the Journey and Jeff's works Christmas party. And the ditial products are Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske - and I called it done - again.

...and I made a new recipe for Mac and Cheese that was divine and a new recipe for hamburgers that was mouthwatering.

I'm looking forward even now to another year of documenting our life - it's become a habit you know. My plan is...well - that's for another post.

project life | week 49


December begins and the so does the Christmas season. I love this time of year. This year is especially busy as we begin The Journey at Savannah Christian Church. It is our church's huge interactive production, outside, that takes guests on The Journey to Bethlehem. It is amazing. We are all serving in the Journey in various capacities and love it!

This past week finishing up Week 49 so quickly has spurred me on definitely and has given me good feelings about finishing Project Life and the year strong! Really looking forward to these final weeks of Project Life, having all my pages printed from Persnickity Prints, and placing them into an album full of a years worth of our lives documented.

Used template A of Becky Higgins' Project Life templates and Cathy Zielske digital products for these pages, my photos, our stories and that is it.

And I love the clean and simple digital products that allow the focus to be on the story and the photos while still adding just enough umpph to the pages. I really love how these pages turned out.


project life | week 48


Project Life   |   Week 48 and I still love this project. I realize I am documenting life simply. I've found a grove that works for me right now. With full time work, full time homeschooling, full time life it has to be this way. Does it bother me? Not a bit.

I also realize I head for Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, and Paislee Press products more than any 'freebies' I've found for Project Life throughout the years. Oh yes, I still find a piece of embellishment here or there but my fall back are those amazing designers. And that is ok because I've found my style. Clean and Simple (with just a tiny bit of somethin').

This was a full week of thanksgiving celebration with family and friends - such a really tiring but good week.

Just four more weeks of this year of Project Life and it is time to plan next years project. I probably need to come to some decisions regarding PL - I'll have to think about what next years will look like. Do I maintain status quo? I do know they will be clean and simple and digital. Guess that is enough for now.

project life | week 47


I still love Project LIfe. But, I'm super busy right now and for 2014 I'm going to have to find a way to simplify this project even more, while still putting together a solid year of documenting our life. In the meantime...

Week 47 was mine and Jeff's birthday week and we celebrated big time this year with a trip to Charleston (which by the way is marked off my 50 in my 50th year list now). So many photos of Charleston to plow through - still. I only selected the few that had us but also captured the heart of Charleston at the same time.

For my embellishments I've kept it simple using some Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, and Paislee Press, three of which I applied a varying opacity level so the photo would shine through but still capture the element/words.

The right side was all about the photos. I will be creating a 6 x 12 journal block of the weekend also. I've journaled this way before when I don't have room for the journaling because it is extensive, capturing the entire event vividly.

Week 47 is done. We are already in Week 48 and it is Thanksgiving week so should have bunches of photos from the weekend when we return from family.

project life | week 45

Goin' back in time...

(Who sang it and what movie did they sing it for?)

I think I'm caught up as good as I'm gonna' get, going back as far as I can go. So, I'll just document this week, Week 47, and get back on track. But, here is a glimpse of our week 45 which was so much so centered around the cats.

I'm satisfied with it only being one-page and pleased with how it turned out, using yellows, grays, and white. A one-page layout for a week is quite freeing and not so overwhelming when you're trying to play catch up. But, I should be back to two-page spreads with this week. I just need to be purposeful about documenting life and taking photos.

project life | week 46

Nope. Not caught up. But, I did get a 1-page Project Life page of week 46, which is just this past week. I think I can easily remember what happened with our life for week 45 also - but we'll see. This week, at least, is documented. It was a harrowing week with a bunch of studying for a big Biology exam and a super reward for both receiving A's on their test.

We are down to two cats and they are receiving bunches of lovin'. I used a Week in Review by Cathy Zielske to record our - week in review. Simple, simple page, but it's done.

project life

My regularly scheduled Project Life posts, which have been sorely absent of late, will return sometime soon...and I may or may not catch up...or, I may just add where I begin.

And this is why I have been remiss in posting Project Life...

Jeff said it best today when I shared about not having time for blogging and scrapping. He said, "You haven't had time to document our life because we've been living life."

Yes, I'll return to Project Life. I love it that much. But, it might be a different Project Life (and it might not). But, it won't interfere with living life.