project life | week 32

Very few photos, but that is life sometimes. I told individual stories then covered our week with a Cathy Zielske, A Peek at our Week journal card, along with her other 4x6 cards.

Obviously the best part of the week were the skies - for me anyways. I'm getting some amazing photos working full time. I'm only taking the little camera to work but it's doing an ok job. I've used this photo on several blog posts already but it definitely needed to go into Project Life.


project life | week 31

Really do still love project life but it is getting harder to keep up with and still keep all my juggling balls in the air. But, yet I am determined to finish strong. I can see myself working in stints of time, a little here and there in order to get a week documented. I kept it super simple this week, but a bit time consuming, with heavy photos + heavy journaling and no really embellishments except some digital stamped words.

Pictures + Words and Cathy Zielske templates all around. Bunch of white space with black which I love. And don't you just love our backdoor friend.

I absolutely adore those pictures of John and Jarrod and want to print them bigger. Good, but super busy week too.

project life | week 30

Wow! Moving right along with Project Life. Getting more difficult to keep up-to-date working full time but as long as I don't have morning commitments I can squeeze in some time. This will certainly mean I need to just document with Photos + Words mostly, keeping it clean and simple.

Simplifying things. That's good too.

...and as you can see - super simple!

I'm taking photos at work almost every shift. I've had some amazing skies and I want to try and capture as many as possible. This week was John and Jarrods' birthday week and we spent their birthday celebrating the entire day. It was a wonderful family time!

The last part of their birthday was going to the movies. RED 2 came out that day and since we all love RED we decided it would be a great movie to end their birthday on. We had already eaten and stuffed ourselves at Red Lobster for dinner - and enjoyed the movie immensely.

Disclaimer: At no time were two 16-year old boys actually hit on the rear end with their new leather belts. John and Jarrod needed leather belts so Jeff stopped by the place he got his last belt and brought home two good ones.

hello story | this time last year

Using just the photos from July 2012, and using Ali's 'This Time Last Year' template she provided in the classroom I created a layout of photos and stories of what happened THIS TIME LAST YEAR in July. July is usually our biggest summer month. So much goes on from Boy Scout camp, to 4th of July, to John and Jarrod's birthday. And sometimes other stuff happens - like an international mission trip to Ecuador.

I made a bunch of home decor/crafts this month. Jeff and I were alone for a week while the boys were gone and I was alone a week while my men were at camp. So interesting to look back.

project life | week 29

I just received a package from Persnickity Prints of a stack of digital 12 x 12 layout pages, the majority of which go in our Project Life album. After 28 weeks of pages, plus a few day in the lifes, this album is already a heavy sucker. Each time I order prints of my project life pages and I slide those pages into their protectors I get all giddy inside.

I have documented our life for 29 weeks now this year. I love Project Life!

And here is week 29:

Once again, which I'm realizing is so my style, I kept the pages clean and simple. Each photo tells a short story of Jeff, John, and Jarrod's week at Boy Scout camp - because really that was the week. Sure, I did things (which I put in the journaling) but this week was about camp.

I should have enough photos of the week (of them, the boys) to make a small book of their camping experience. I'll work on that over the next couple weeks I think.

 I did a page of horizontal photos with vertical journaling boxes which were highlighted in Boy scout red and green/olive and each box' opaqueness is reduced by 10% or so.

The right side is a page of vertical photos with horizontal journal spots. It made for a cleaner and simpler look and I like this side over the the other.

I used an Ali Edwards long journaler but expanded it a bit to accomodate a 6 x 12 insert page.

And so another week ends...

project life | twenty eight

I felt really behind this week - as in really this week, not last week, which is the week of this project life. Since I felt really behind and only began working on my pages yesterday I kept it simple.


Photos + Words. No embellishments. None Zippo. Zilch.

Since last week, week twenty eight began my first week of full time work I used the primary focus of my job as the primary focus of highlighting my full time job on project life. I'd taken enough photos for an entire side of the page. I probably could have used one photo and covered the entire page but I wanted to highlight more than one day.

Then, the right side was simple too.

Photos highlighted with a white title and a journaling spot.

I do plan on an insert, 6 x 12, that will align with my Hello Story class assignment from Ali Edwards' and Big Picture Classes.

Since Jeff and I have begun date nights I'm (we) are getting more and more photos of US through selfies (extending the arm out, pointing at us and shooting). I've taken quite a few selfies to be able to get in the story because even if others have the camera it's not intuitive to take photos of me.

Anyways, another week down of project life. Because I'm keeping these pages simple and clean I'm not anywhere near tired of the process. I can get overwhelmed if I try to go to heavy creatively because I'm just not 'creative' in the sense that I don't have great ideas. But, I'm a pretty good creative lifter.

project life | week 27

I never know where the week's pages will take me. Most often I end up with simple. If I think about it simple - or simplify is my One Little Word for 2013 - and simple is just fine. The original concept of Project Life bends toward simplifying the scrapbooking process and just getting the stories documented. I'm finding I'm really ok with that. I've never been 'artsy' or super creative.

But, I love this whole process nonetheless. This week I pretty much let the photos tell the story. For instance, the bowling balls. You might imagine why I included a photo of bowling balls. But, it struck me is wild when we went bowling this week that bowling balls sure have gotten colorful over the years. All the kids - even the big kids - seemed to be drawn to the color. It was just fun.

This is my favorite side of the page this week. But, how can beach photos not be amazing. And it was such a really good day. Filled to the brim - but so much fun!

I converted some of the photos to black and white because the colors were so bright and off - you know that bowling lighting is harsh on photos.

A double sided 6 x 12 insert for this week. I probably could have done the same with beach photos and may still to incorporate more photos or at least some more favorites...

Our little Canon Sure Shot did a pretty good job with the fireworks. We hadn't purchased the Canon T3 yet so it was all we had. Gotta' include fireworks! It's tradition - going down to River Street, picking our spot (the same one every year), walking the River Street, using the Marriot for bathrooms, munching on munchies, and waiting for the fireworks to start. Tradition. And we love it.

Project Life is a solution-based approach to scrapbooking that was created to simplify the process in order to allow you more time to enjoy life! It requires no glue, no scissors, no tools, and no skills of any kind

project life | week 26

Week 26 of Project Life.

Wow! A half a year of documenting our life - every week. It has been a wild ride. And I'm not ready to get off this roller coaster either.

It has been so much fun! I keep getting back on the ride - enjoying everywhere its taken us.

This week was super easy to put together. All about life. So general. So basic. Nothing super exciting (except Brad coming in on Saturday!!!) And I finished my big project - the photo wall! Otherwise...



I revisited the Becky Higgins Project Life templates - less wasted space than Cathy Z's templates (although I still love hers for sure! Especially for the placement of the 3 x 4 cards). Revisited some 3 x 4 cards I created and added Ali Edwards embellishments. Added journaling.

And called it done.

My computer shut down yesterday and I hadn't save my work so this morning I had to start over again. I actually prefer this second go around better than what I'd started. Good call God :)

Mostly pictures, Ali Edwards embellishments, and my 3 x 4 creations.



and another week is done.

Project Life is a solution-based approach to scrapbooking that was created to simplify the process in order to allow you more time to enjoy life! It requires no glue, no scissors, no tools, and no skills of any kind

project life | week 25

I made this weeks Project Life, Week 25, super simple - again. It is so much more than embellishments and 3x4 or 4x6 cards to me. It's documenting life. While I know some weeks I do better at both, or neither, I'm telling the overall story of our life. The week we're in right now, happening now is the half-way point of project life. So far, Lord willin' I won't get behind. But, with big changes happening in our life in July I'm wondering if a week won't go by that I'll just not be able to keep up.

This week was definitely a 'summer' week. We spent time outside playing and berry pickin' and workin' outside the barn, and lawn mowing, and just enjoying the time - when it wasn't raining of course.

Our momento from the week was definitely blackberry pickin' at the Bamboo Farm. We came home with an enormous amount of blackberries, which we picked in under an hour. We also enjoyed the Bamboo Farm itself, checkin' out their adorable waterfall and lilypad farm. I'll have to make an insert now that I think of it of those gorgeous flowers and plants.

I began a photo wall project and just about finished it by the end of the week. The boys pulled out their BB guns - wow - it's been awhile. They also gave time to their nephews shootin' with them. Just a good week.

Project Life is a solution-based approach to scrapbooking that was created to simplify the process in order to allow you more time to enjoy life! It requires no glue, no scissors, no tools, and no skills of any kind

project life | week 24

Super simple week of white and black. I gave a title and small line journal to the photos. We had a couple 'events' this week that needed their own so I added a couple inserts for the second week in a row.

I really spent very little time on this week. I am having such difficulty spending alot of time on the computer because it causes neck and back issues. It means putting pages together simply. And yet, I'm very ok with that.

Gotta' say that we've had some really neat family time with Ash and the boys here. It keeps our family hoppin'.

The first insert is inspired by many farings on pinterest through the project life boards. I used a Cathy Zielske 6 x 12 template and uploading photos of Ian's big day. We went to Jump n Jacks for some really fun play - and tired them out. Ian associates his birthday with cake, balloons, and presents - and he got all three!

While Jeff's mom was here we took some family photos the night before she left. Not great photos but ok with black and white.


I journaled our week on another Ali Edwards long journaler. I'm sure I forgot much of the week but captured just the highlights. That seems to be my norm - until I take out a journal sheet and start documenting each day as it happens...

Even still I love Project Life and all I have documented of our life this year.