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right now I am flushed from the Psalms of Ascent from the last few weeks as my devotional in the early days of May. I never knew! I spent quite a bit of time in the Psalms of Ascent and I came expectantly. I leave, changed. Again, I just never knew. I joined She Reads Truth for the next couple of months' devotions beginning with Psalms of Ascent Now I'm in the book of James - and next Romans.

right now I have joined a Tuesday evening Bible study. Two ladies, who I adore, from my small group, have joined as well. It will be nice for some additional weekly conversation, maybe getting to know them better - and prayer. More of prayer.


right now we, Jeff and I, celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. 23 years. Marriage is hard - and rewarding, and hard. But, man, when it is good it is very good. Like when we are meeting each other's needs with things like, acts of service.

right now I have been eating Salads in a Jar each day of the week and have been for a few weeks, yet, I still love each one. I wondered if I would get tired of eating salads but because they are made ahead of time it is like I am eating a salad made by someone else. Doing some changing up and going with more greens and vegetables, no meat, no cheese (well, maybe cheese:)


right now I am gathering children's books, old favorites and new ones, and I am going to display them on the book shelf ledges for my grandchildren who, soon, will be frequenting our home. While I will only have a week or so, initially, with my grandchildren I am planning on doing some reading aloud. From homeschooling, reading aloud is the one thing I miss the most.

right now I am back on track to finish 100 New Books in 2017 with a recently read genre I generally avoid, young adult (YA) fiction. Legend, by Marie Lu, YA, but reminiscent of the dystopian trilogy, The Hunger Games. I have read the Hunger Games trilogy and even the Divergent series and, generally, I can only take so much YA, but this is really good and didn't have the feel of YA. I also read the book, Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly, and so many more.


right now after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Jeff and I are totally up on 'I am Groot'.

right now I am anticipating a house full that first week in July when my heart will be full as well. My daughters and my grand children will invade our home. I. can. not. wait. #heartoverflowing

right now another weekend of Boston Butt cooking is over. Jeff spent 24 hours plus prepping cookers, smoking buts, cleaning cookers, and transporting cookers. It is a long, tiring experience. But, the best part: we purchased two butts to give away!


right now my front porch went up! It is beautiful.

right now working through a new normal with Jeff on an out of town jobsite. I need to make a list of what I hope to accomplish such as finish decorating bedroom, another purge of clothes, organize bathroom closet, organize office in preparation of 'the invasion of family' - in a really good way, etc...

right now I purchased a spiralizer, a friend recommended and uses. We are a zucchini loving family. I imagine the possibilities: Chicken Parmesan with Zucchini Noodles; Zucchini Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Chili Sauce...

right now life is good. 

right now | the page


A few days ago I posted a RIGHT NOW post about what was saving my life. Those things giving life rather than those things that are killing me. Sure, I could do a post ranting about what is killing me but it is about a mind change, turning away from discontentment to contentment, moving from ungratefulness to a heart of gratitude; instead of the woes, worries, and pains get down to the nuts and bolts of what's saving me. It was an exercise in happy, contentment, gratitude, joy, - all positives of life - the little things and the big things.

It's not unlike journaling your gratitudes or writing out one thousand gifts.

After that post, I knew I wanted to make a scrapbook page of that blog post. I wanted a record of the RIGHT NOW. And too, because this is part of my story. I will be the first to admit I can get into a funk and if I do not actively engage a heart of gratitude, what is saving my life, writing down gifts, blessings back to God, speak positive truth - I can spiral out of control until all I can see is what's killing me. Great lessons, regularly, re-shape our mind and hearts and thus, our actions.

Digitally: This is a 12 x 12 page. I began with an Ali Edwards' template but I ended up having to modify it somewhat; but the general layout design has been unaltered. Then I used One Little Bird Designs papers and embellishments plus from the  Ali Edwards' ME Story kit I used the RIGHT NOW stamp. I originally thought I would use more photos of 'what is saving my life' but, then thought it was more the words versus the photos telling the story.

right now | what's saving my life

Today, I'm linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy. She invited everyone who wanted to participate to list-share what is giving us life. Because, our all-to-often rants of what is killing us, can be decidedly replaced by what is saving us.


Books. I always have one, or two, or three, even five books going, or readily available, of different genre because at a moments notice with my shifting moods I have to read - something else.


Coffee. Coffee with French vanilla creamer (preferably the Walmart brand). I drink a cup before work. I drink a cup on the drive to work. I drink a 30 ounce Yeti at work. I'm not sorry. it's what's saving my life.

Weekly date nights with my husband. Even if it is just dinner and Lowes. I bet you think I meant to say dinner and a movie. Nope. Dinner and Lowes. Because it means plans are being made, or progress is being made, or projects are coming to completion.

Journaling one thousand gifts, weekly gratitude, and 10,000 reasons to bless the name of the Lord. The exercise of writing down the bones of blessings I recognize (there are so many I don't even see), or giving thanks and gratefulness for those blessings, and even more importantly am fully aware, wholly alive when I reason out blessing the Name of the Lord. Working on changing my heart from the inside out is saving my life. Changing discontentment to being content. Becoming less and He greater.


Monthly menu plans. Actually, it's been saving my life for years. Towards the end of each month I create a monthly calendar of meals, Sunday through Saturday. I love to cook and my family thinks I'm a pretty darn good cook, too, so I search Pinterest, the internet, our family recipes, and cookbooks for old favorites or new and exciting recipes. I recently made an Angel Hair pasta with Roasted Red Pepper sauce and Andouille sausage - it was heaven. Lately, once a week salad for dinner has been prominently and gloriously on the menu - and yummy! So, sort of saving me there, too.

Our small group, or life group. Over the holidays we take a long break from meeting and when we started meeting again in the middle of January I realized how much I missed this group of people in our home regularly getting together, fleshing out our faith, building each other up, fellowshipping, praying over each other. It is life-saving. 

My job. No, seriously. I'm a meteorologist by trade. But, currently my job is simply weather observing. While it is not my true love, which is aviation meteorology, it is however, keeping me within the weather career field. There's also - working gives me purpose.


Studying the Word every day. My primary study right now is Believing God by Beth Moore. When I'm in the Word, soaking it up, wrestling with God, my mind, my heart, my soul is nourished. The Word of God - saving my life.


Story telling through scrapbooking. Sometime ago I went through a season of no scrapbooking. For months. I didn't want to tell the stories we were living out. But, at the same time, it was killing me not to scrapbook. Then out of desperation I went back to telling our stories. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Scrapbooking (digitally, of course) saves my life.

Re-connecting and connecting with dear ladies who have been in and out of my life. This year I hope to nourish relationships and some of those reconnections are with ladies who have been like daughters to me. I didn't realize how much I missed them...achingly so...until I reconnected.




right now

right now I'm in a really good place relationally, emotionally, and spiritually and a bad place physically, but not a really bad place. I am thriving, not just surviving. While I am rarely pain free, I also rarely have debilitation these days. And that is a good thing. I'm walkin' on sunshine, albeit turtle slow with tiny steps. It is when I stretch my stride that pain increases rapidly. Jeff and I have had some difficult discussions that I'm taking action steps from and this has moved me into a better place relationally and emotionally. Spiritually is where I think I am thriving the most. From serving more, to studying more, to celebrating Jesus more, to reaching up to Him more; still much work to be done - but, good.

right now we are on the back stretch of John and Jarrod's Eagle projects slash packet slash boards slash two Eagle scouts. So close but feeling like we're so far. The projects are done. Check. One packet is just about complete. The other should go so much smoother with Jarrod because we faced the difficult hurtles with John and Jarrod learned from John's mistakes. Not always bad to have made mistakes when someone comes behind and learns what not to do. And then there is a party to plan. Ok, I mean ceremony - but man, two Eagle scouts who have been in scouting from Tiger Cub.

right now I am loving everything about the day shift...as long as I get to bed at a decent hour. The 8 hour shifts versus 10 hour shifts fly by. I'm drinking less coffee. I have dinner with my family every night. The boys have me cooking dinner again. I feel like I have more time to get things done. I get to run a weather office, which I've already had to push through some difficult things and it's all good. The best result is seeing Jeff every night and we get to go to bed together.

right now I have found the pool again. Over the long summer days and season the Hunter indoor pool will be closed when I would be able to go swim (afternoons after work) so I had to reach out to the local aquatic center and swim in their Olympic size pool. This last swim I had to swim in the 50m lane, brace up against the psychological battle for my mind, talk myself into succeeding and won! I swam 900 meters, improving my distance from the previous week. 

right now I have a plan to get busy and get to work on the 'big photo project' of putting my MIL photos in Project Life-like albums using photos + journaling + Project Life cards and my Teal We Are Memory Keepers albums. I just need to get to work. Maybe, it will be my first big planned project using my Get To Work Book, which begins in July. Life just seems to get in the way.

right now I have 11th grade textbooks and binders and worksheets and grades to put up and put away. It will literally clear off some shelves. What is done is Community Service record, Reading Log 9th-12th grade, Transcripts, and plan for next year.

right now I am reading the Love Dare. It's getting interesting...and it's only Day 1.

right now.


right now I'm considering this painting for over our master bed and deciding on what size I want.

right now I'm pinning indigo blue elements for our master bedroom. I'm keeping the gray walls, all of our wonderfully blue quilts, even the red elements in the room - but adding more indigo blue. It's a good plan.

right now we'll be heading to an engineering firm, with John and Jarrod in Boy Scout uniform to begin discussions and drawing up plans for their Eagle Scout projects. The engineering and architectural firm is donating their services. How amazing is that!

right now homeschool co-op is coming down to the last six-weeks or so and I'm so excited for the upcoming break on Fridays.

right now I am almost done with my chronological album project but hit a slight snag because there are a couple years I scrapbooked so much one year fills an album. So, I need more albums.

right now I am coveting my date nights with Jeff. They are gold in our life. Because of his job (read: boss) we've lost our once a week lunch dates so don't let anyone move in on our dates...or else!

right now I've walked more miles in the month of March than the month of February but no where near what I'd hoped.

right now, and hopefully for the rest of the year, I'm reading through the Bible using a 'read thru the Bible in a year plan' and I am lovin' it. The Lord is showing me so many things in His Word.

right now I am so excited a long ago friend has re-emerged in my life and we had a great beginning lunch date of re-connection.

right now I really need to take more photos of our everyday life. It makes recording life so much easier.

right now I'm planning a photo book of our weekend trip to north Georgia, Smithgall State Park and Anna Ruby Falls. I'm not sure what company I'll use for the book: Artifact Uprising is a definite possibility. But, so is Blurb and of course, Shutterfly.

right now I'm relieved that my first colonoscopy procedure is over and I have the all clear (for 10 years hopefully!)

right now I purchased new tea towels, dish towels, and dish cloths, trashed our old dingy ones and organized our 'towel' holders. I love organizing things. It always feels like a huge accomplishment and frees up my mind for other things - can't explain it - it just does.

right now life is busy but good with Boy Scout Eagle projects, service activities and church, finishing up 10th grade homeschool over the next couple months and planning a relaxed summer.


right now.


right now...I am reading the the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker. I'm inspired. I'm convicted. I'm learning.

right now...I have lost 2 pounds in the past month. I'm inspired. I'm energized. I'm excited. I'm motivated.

right now...We are a three computer family. We purchased a new computer because our old desktop is on its last legs, but, we are hanging on to it until it goes.

right now...John and Jarrod are working on their individual Eagle projects, received some amazing instruction, coaching, and mentoring recently and both seem to be really motivated to accomplish great things.

right now...John and Jarrod are ground from electronics (television, ipods, Xbox360) because they failed to accomplish a task required...they were forewarned.

right now...I'm walking again. Boy, do I need it. I know from experience if I just stick with it I'll feel so much better.

right now...I'm in the throws of scrapbooking. I'm putting all the scrapbooking pages into chronological albums that will all match. I'm working on my Project Life album and staying caught up. I'm digitally scrapbooking pieces of our lives, little stories.

right now...I'm researching campsites in northern South Carolina and northern Georgia for possible locations for a family camping trip next month.

right now...I'm anticipating San Antonio, my grandsons, and Ash & Brad (not necessarily in that order) in just days. So excited. Can't wait.

right now...I am thankful for a Small Group who are there when you need help. I am thankful for God's provisions so we can help financially where it is needed. I am thankful for reasonable health costs and care in timely manners.

right now...I am thankful for my lunch dates with Jeff, especially when I'm loosing my weekend ahead with him, and no date night anytime soon.

right now...I am drinking coffee with French Vanilla creamer every afternoon at work, between weather observation, between walking the perimeter, during my reading time.

right now...I'm watching the new television series Intelligence and Season 5 of Justified.

right now...things are good.



right now.



right now...the weather keeps changing from cold to warm and it's crazy.

right now...I'm already considering John and Jarrod's 11th grade homeschool curriculum and schedule: Science (at Co-op) Meteorology, U.S. Government (Co-op), Economics (Co-op), Physical Fitness/Education (Co-op), Health (home), British Literature (home), Saxon Geometry (home)

right now...looking forward. to my trip to San Antonio and my visit with my grandsons...and Ash & Brad, too.

right now...we got word from the dentist that John has gorgeous, beautifully-straight teeth with no cavities, but they aren't sure why his jaw is popping

right now...I have walked little this month and I need to get into gear and focus on moving more.

right now...my neck and back and thus my head, has been in pain, but I visited the chiropractor for some H2O therapy and a wonderfully painful adjustment and some much-needed relief. Realized I need to not wait 3-4 months between adjustments.

right now...I am watching the new CBS series, Intelligence on Monday nights and season 5 of Justified on Tuesdays, both while I am at work between the busyniess of watching and observing the ever-changing weather

right now...I am so pleased with how our living room has progressed and it's almost done with my eye on two lamps, another large basket for loose pillows, and curtains. I'd also like to paint the inside of the front door.

right now...both cats are coming and going regularly. Brownie whines at the back sliding door on weekends when we've slept in past 5:30 and her breakfast isn't out yet. Quite often, Ears sleeps on the front porch. Brownie rarely does her business in our yard (except back in the marsh area), but, instead, visits two doors down. When it's raining Brownie's spot is the front porch railing and Ears' spot is on the door mat right in front of the front door.

right now...having lunch dates AND date nights with Jeff is just plain awesome!

right now...we are studying the book of Galatians in Small Group...and the just shall live by faith.

right now.


right now...homeschool co-op is done for 3 full weeks. We are already loving the Friday-free of commitment

right now...the boys and I are reading aloud Carry On, Mr. Bowditch for American Literature and Amos Fortune, Free Man for American History.

right now...I've added a selection of "American History on the Widescreen" to our American History studies. This week we are watching Lincoln and Dances with Wolves.

right now...the weather is clear skies and chilly temperature but this crazy weather doesn't know what it wants to do.

right now...I'm reading J.D. Robb's Visions in Death - again.

right now...I am done with Christmas shopping but I still need to send off 3 gifts - oh, and I need stocking stuffers for the punks.

right now...I am tossing my One Little Word around for 2014. It is "a single word can be a powerful thing. It can be a ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow...it can be the catalyst for enriching your life." (Ali Edwards) I am considering the word FOCUS.

right now...I am planning my scrapbooking projects for 2014. I am taking 31 Things with Ali Edwards again. While I will be documenting my One Little Word, I will not be taking Ali's One Little Word class but instead I'll use the prompts from last years class as a catalyst to documenting my word. I will continue my 52 Gratitude's project and of course, Project Life. I am also considering an album to document my 50 in my 50th Year project.

right now...we have a naked Christmas tree in our living room that desperately needs lights, and snow flakes, and ornaments.

right now...I have our Christmas dinner menu planned: Chicken Parmesan, Salad with Olive Garden dressing, Garlic Bread, Pumpkin Pie and Homemade Whipped Cream.

right now...I am listening to a continuous stream of Christmas music. It is simply wonderful.


All photos found here.

10 things right now | jarrod

Right now you are, for the most part, the chef-in-training, four nights out of the week while I am at work. You do most of the preparations and cooking (unless I've done it before I go to work) for you, John, and Daddy.

Right now you love, and always are the first to request me to read aloud your American Literature latest reading, and your American History readers.

Right now you love wearing your jean overalls and mimicking your dad (as he loves to wear his to work 'construction'.

Right now you always make me a cup of coffee and you always ask if you can have a cup of coffee too. Sometimes I say yes and you tell me you "love this rule".

Right now you have to be reminded to include 'more' information on your answers to questions in every subject because you have the tendency to answer with as little information as possible and that is sometimes, most of the time, not sufficient to answer the question.

Right now you are a Life Scout, excited about upcoming camp outs, settling in to not being in a leadership position after your Senior Patrol Leader stint, and enjoying the break; although, you were recently tasked with Troop Instructor along with your brother which you are well suited for.

Right now you are having to sleep out in the little tent in sleeping bags because you didn't get your room cleaned - again. Hopefully, sleeping on the ground instead of in the bigger tent and with cots, you 'learned' something this time.

Right now you are a hoot to be around.

Right now you like drawing swords and weapons on your school papers. Some call it doodling. You've always doodled and you still do.

Right now you come to me to discuss spiritual things and I love it. When we pray in church and daddy and I hold hands, each time you reach over and place your hand on top of ours. I love that connection and your simple act of vulnerbility and humility is inspiring.


10 things right now | john


Right now you do the majority of your schoolwork curled up in a blanket on the couch or chair in the living room. Sometimes, you wear a hat and gloves as the cooler temperatures have come in.

Right now you are reading Rick Riordan's, The House of Hades; book four in the series. You love anything mythology related.

Right now you only help your brother with dinner if you're told to. Guessing it's not your thing.

Right now, at 16 years and a couple months, you still play with Legos and Nerf guns, and you enjoy comic books and associated video games.

Right now you enjoy eating Panera Bread bagels for breakfast, Asiago Cheese or Everything, with Chive and Onion cream cheese. And you take copious amounts of cream cheese so when I go for the cream cheese for my bagel there isn't much left. I laugh at it because I understand the draw to both the bagels and the cream cheese.  I try and buy enough so we can share.

Right now you are taking American History, Biology, Bible, and Art 3D in homeschool co-op and all your teachers, Mrs. Liz, Mrs. Ginger, and Mrs. Jes all say you are a joy in class and that you always participate and give insight into your studies. I was talking with Mrs. Ginger the other day and she got this big smile when she talked about you. And Mrs. Jes loves reading your writing assignments with your biblical insight.

Right now you do alot of service acts, from Boy Scout related community service, to serving each weekend up in Elevate (kids ministry) in the technical booth, to working beside your dad building the Journey set.

Right now your favorite food is homemade tacos. Well, it's been homemade tacos for years. But, you love family homemade pizza night too.

Right now you struggle to keep your room clean, you don't really like chores and procrastinate doing them, and you can get really mad and raise your voice. But, more often than not, your just a really cool kid to be around.

Right now your favorite part of homeschooling is when I read your American Literature books and your American History readers aloud to you and your brother.