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right now it is but weeks before Ashley and the boys leave to go back home. It has been wonderful having them here. But, then they head on to San Antonio, to their new home.

right now I have paperwork that needs to be completed. Who really enjoys paperwork?

right now I am still drinking water only (plus my morning coffee). No soda. Nada. Zip. Zilch. None. And I still love water. Where have you been all my life?

right now I have been offered the full time position at work. It's Monday - Thursday, 2pm - 12 am. I'm takin' it! God's amazing on the timing and sorting out being able to work full time and still homeschool.

right now I'm putting together the remainder of the 9th grade record keeping. And preparing their 10th grade school year.

right now we got John and Jarrod's 9th grade test results. They did a wonderful job. Except for Spelling. I'm sorry - I laughed. We are a family trial of horrid spellers (except me - mostly). But, overall they did superb. Just pretty darn proud. And we didn't teach the test. I'm most excited about their high Math scores which affirms the Math curriculum we are using is working - as is most everything else.

right now I have some health issues that are frustratingly annoying.

right now I need to put some more pages together, digitally of course. Lots of pictures to wade through.

right now life is good.

right now.

right now...

It's 12:15 a.m. and I can't sleep. It just isn't good when that happens. I toss and turn, not necessarily thinking about anything, but just tossing and turning. I guess I do worry I'm going to wake Jeff with all my tossing and turning. I itch. And scratch. And then I itch some more because I scratch. By morning I'll have scratches on my legs, in particular, where I've scratched the skin raw.

So right now I'm awake. I decided to come into my studio to do some mindless game playing in the hopes of falling asleep. It hasn't happened yet. So I decided to finish a scrapbook page I began creating earlier today, but left it uninspired.

At least now I'm inspired. I'd planned on making this a two-page layout but then when I began adding photos and embellishments I decided enough was enough. I used some of the amazing washi tape - which I just can't see going out of style any time soon. Journaled. Photos. And called it good.

right now...I'm off to bed. Goodnight - or is it good morning?

right now.

right now...

saving a ton of money by buying homeschool textbooks used instead of new.

moving more has got to be a must and finding that place that it is consistent

enjoying my weekends home even though I'm not bringing in the bacon and kind of struggling with that fact.

finding what is important and it's not 'what else can I buy' - not that I buy alot anyways, but just being content.

relishing at the goodness of our family camping trip

planning another one soon - maybe even in April.

anticipating a busy week ahead

needing to study up on what the boys are studying in Bible History this week because I was volunteered - ok - I volunteered - to teach it this week because their teachers will be absent.

cleaning the house up for small group to welcome them into our home for fellowship and Bible study.

wearing pajamas. my norm. but, I'll have to change for small group.

feeling warm. finally. I've been chilled since - well - our campout. Hoosier Man turned the heat on to temper the chill in the house and it worked.

waiting impatiently for my daughter and grandsons arrival. So are the boys. I think they mention it at least a couple times a week.

eating beef and broccoli with rice for dinner this afternoon. so good.

loving the projects I have planned and so excited to tackle them.

taking a specific action this month in my One Little Word class should get me back on track to simplifying - something.

cultivating my relationship with Christ with scheduled, focused time.

hoping to grow something this Spring. Maybe, tomatoes - all for me! And jalapenos for everyone!

swimming is on the schedule this week! Susan, make it happen!

hello monday | 07 | right now happiness is...


hello monday...

right now happiness is... 

right now happiness is...having family pizza and movie night

right now happiness is...blogging everyday (oops! i missed one day since the beginning of the year); still happy

right now happiness is...teaching meteorology on friday’s

right now happiness is...anticipating a family camping trip

right now happiness is...welcoming the full day of rain we had

right now happiness is...loving cooler temperatures

right now happiness is...planning several crafts

right now happiness is...looking forward to date night this week

right now happiness is...being challenged with my bible study ‘no other gods’

right now happiness is...seeing the blessings in working less

right now happiness is...knowing God will provide

right now happiness is...swimming a mile in an indoor, heated pool

right now happiness is...laughing at hoosier man's silly face

hello monday. it's gonna be a good week 


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right now

right now it is 6:40pm on friday evening

right now it's kinda chilly

right now the skies threaten light rain and drizzle

right now i'm in one of my favorite outfits and favorite color - turquoise with some pretty jewelry

right now hoosier man and the georgia boys are packing for a weekend camp out

right now i'm considering my plans for the weekend while they are gone

right now i wish i had a cup of warm coffee in my hands (actually i may just have to go do that)

right now i finished the first half of the book of Ezekial, the book of Nehemiah, and i'm still studying the book of acts.

right now i think i'm gonna invite a friend to dinner tomorrow night

right now i'm anticipating 5 straight shifts of work and a good paycheck.

right now i praise the Lord for my part time job

right now i am enjoying homeschool immensely; we have begun reading aloud again and i love it!

right now i have a large lump at the crease of my right arm where i had blood drawn - and it itches like crazy too

right now my knee is throbbing; and i was talking with a physical trainer at co-op who said (from the knee diagnosis) it could take up to two years for my knee to heal completely.

right now that means i need to be in the pool

right now i am looking forward to heading south and family for thanksgiving

right now i am planning a 10000 reasons endeavor and so excited for what God will show me

right now i am super excited about the upcoming december daily i am going to create in - well - december; very much like i did last year

right now i am content

right now i am just days away from my 49th birthday - yikes!