Stories from the Files | Build


The other day Jarrod got a box in the mail. He had ordered (I still can't wrap my ahead around my sons placing orders on-line) a Lego set. Of any activity he and his brother still participate in, Lego's are my favorite. I think because they are not just for kids. Lego's have found their way into the hearts of adults for the very first time as adults. They are a classic toy. Much like putting puzzles together. Classic!

I was perusing older photos in a folder on my computer and I came across these photos of Jarrod from 2010. Seven years ago! Going back in time, Jarrod was putting a couple Lego sets together he'd recently received as gifts.

Or fast forward to the other day, Jarrod was putting a couple Lego sets together he'd recently received in the mail that he'd ordered. I need to do a companion scrapbooking page of Jarrod building the two 'new' Lego sets.

Digitally speaking: Almost every digital piece is from Ali Edwards Design Story kit BUILD, with a couple Sahlin Studio embellishments added in. I did use a Yin Digs template, modified.

Stories from the Files | For the Trumps

At the first of the year I had know idea whether I could continue making pages for the Trumps' album, but after conversing with Jessie recently, after she let me know they received the box filled with album pages created by me for them about their family, it was a no brainer. This is a year of nourishing giving as part of my One Little Word - nourish. What a great gift to continue for this family: the gift of recording their memories. And, I still have a ton of family memories from the files (read: 2016) I need to record. Thought I'd better get busy. So here are two pages I made recently.


First, this 2-page layout is lots and lots of pictures. One of my favorite ways to scrapbook. Ironically, it's not 'welcomed' or 'praised' in the scrapbooking community to include tons of photos on your pages but I love heavy-photo pages.

And this family takes lots of photos. It makes my jobs so easy.

Supporting one of my scrapbooking goals for the year, use each of Ali Edwards' Story kits for at least two pages. So, for this page I used the WILD story kit (I love those word phrase 'stickers') and a couple brushes from her Little Fabulous Joys set. Because it is the photos that truly tell the story here this was an easy page. I used a Yin Dgs template - my go-to templates for lots of photos. I did modify the template quite a bit but it still has the overall effect.


Another page for the Trumps. And another Yin Dgs template, modified. This time this two-page layout is created with One Little Bird Designs digital products. More 'heavy on the photos' pages. When I need specific event type products I generally go to One Little Bird digital products or Paislee Press or Sahlin Designs. I've picked up a couple other 'becoming favorites', recently, too. They're making scrapbooking easy.

stories from the files


Oh, how I miss these two. Noah is growing without my eyes to behold him. Ella is being such a wonderful, attentive big sister. I see attitude growing strong in this little guy. He's becoming an apple of my eye and I can't wait until the next time I get to scoop him up in my arms. Sweet, sweet people - these two!

Sure do wish I knew what Noah was thinking!

Even though I've been creating quite a few 1-photo pages, like this one, I truly do prefer pages with multiple photos. But - I can't help fall for pages that come together easily like this one did using One Little Bird's digital kit, Honey Crisp. The papers are subtle and the elements are perfect for numerous types of pages. In the back of my mind I knew I wanted to use a digital kit I hadn't played with yet (I have quite a few). The beauty of digital is they can be used over and over again, but just like traditional scrapbooking we can consume kits rapidly and 'hoard' so to speak, or just not use them because kits get lost in the latest and greatest from our favorite designers. That is why I made a point of using a kit I hadn't used yet. In addition, I'm trying to stay on top of photos I get uploaded since I have full access to my computer now that the boys have their own laptops; this photo was one lone photo I snagged from Facebook.


stories from the files | love this place


Last year in June, Jeff's company brought the entire company, offices from three states, via buses to Ashville for their 25th anniversary and put everyone up at the Grove Point Inn, where the celebration would take place, or the Biltmore Plantation. We stayed at the luxurious Grove Point Inn which was just fine with us; the rooms were modern and extra large and best of all the celebration was at the Grove Point so when we were ready to head to our room we wouldn't have to wait on a bus to take us.

The company offered a free afternoon outing. One of the choices was a tour of the Biltmore Plantation which is what we chose. We were provided with individual listening devices and thus, took a self-guided, leisurely tour of the plantation. It was everything we'd heard about it and we enjoyed it immensely.

Photography was not allowed in the plantation so all we had were the outside photos.

stories from the files | magic


Another story from the files. Magic moments. Magical day.

We love Christian music. It is what we listen to on a regular basis. When we needed a rad gift for John and Jarrod's 17th birthday a day of Christian music was just the ticket. Magical moments galore on this day were found: John and Jarrod raising their arms in praise to our Lord, dancing in the seats, seeing Mercy Me in concert and hearing so many of our favorite songs. Building 429 was simply magical, the girl sitting next to me with Downs Syndrome was such a joy to watch - well - her contagious joy! Meeting Mercy Me in person. Magical moments, collected moments of pure, unadulterated joy found in the simple, the heart warming, the amazing. September 2014.

stories from the files | anna ruby falls


I am still searching old photo files from cds and flashdrives where I've stored most original photos and I'm putting pages together, some photo series' are duplicates but the stories are different. This two-page, 8.5 x 11 each is actually for a Week Two assignment in my Ali Edwards Type class that I am enrolled in through her website. I have taken other classes from her, including One Little Word which I have done none of the monthly assignments (but need to find the time and motivation to accomplish them).


We visited Anna Ruby Falls last year on our family camping trip, one we enjoyed immensely by the way because we stayed in a higher end log cabin. For this page I used an Ali Edwards template from the Type classroom (one of her weekly downloads) and picked out photos from the falls. I picked a coordinating color for the journal spot under each photo but I had the journaling flow through all of the photos from top to bottom then top to bottom.


I am very pleased with how these pages turned out. I adore the template from Ali. And this memory - amazing. Even today it makes me smile.

stories from the files | commit to purity


It has been over four years now when John and Jarrod made a commitment of purity. We bought them rings to symbolize the covenant they made with God to remain pure until marriage. They have been faithful to that commitment. I pray we are raising them in such a way that they will be able to honor their covenant, even when it is tough, making the decision ahead of time to be pure.

stories from the files | go see it


Oh my, so many scout years ago. John and Jarrod were in their last year of Cub Scouts when Jeff got picked up to work for Choate Construction as a Facilities Manager. But, his job blossomed because of his abilities to be a pinch hitter and he began filling in for superintendents and other many endless jobs. The company was building the library next to the Savannah Mall and I'm not sure whether he'd filled in for this job or not, but, as the den leader for John and Jarrod's Webelos den, he was able to set up a GO SEE IT, words used in Cub Scouts for a field trip, for the Webelos.

They enjoyed their trip to a construction site in progress and what the local library looked like before completion.



stories from the files | beautiful girl


While I have been going through older photos from a couple of years ago to document life, I have also been going through even older photos so that I can put a power point presentation together for John and Jarrod's up and coming Eagle ceremony. The presentation will run, or loop, mostly, while from the beginning to the end. going through all of those older photos I found these of Ella during John and Jarrod's 13th birthday celebration. While she normally 'poses' for pictures, these actually were more, or should I say, less - posed.