Stories of Summer

The boys made Strawberry freezer jam this past week. They enjoyed it immensely, especially since it was a huge accomplishment. The made it all by themselves. I just directed. We ended up with 12 pints of jam to enjoy over the coming months. They probably won't last very long (unless I do some rationing). Having made it once now I can see us trying other jams. This was so much fun and I can't wait to indulge. 

Robin Hood and Little John

John and Jarrod received compound bows and arrows for their 13th birthday. They have been able to get their dad to spend a couple evenings already shooting. They are still getting used to the huge change in the size of bow and weight of draw.   My handy Hoosier Man design the 'quiver' to hold their arrows while they are shooting. As you can tell John didn't do so bad. Jarrod worked all the kinks out by the end of the evening and was shooting on target. I think we did it again regarding birthday gifts for the boys - they are a hit.

Oatland Island

I finished a page in the Boy Scout book using this same template and thought it would make a great page for the boys' and I trip out to Oatland Island on Thursday. It was one of those summer plans on my list. Jeff and the boys do so much together with boy scouts that these times with the boys, just them and me have been wonderful. We had a great morning. I surprised them first off. I pulled in slow so they could read the sign. John exclaimed, "I love this place!" While the heat was unbearable, we'd come with ice water and we all took care of each other. The boys were very caring. We plugged on and got finished in time for a picnic lunch that we had packed.  

Thursday finished off with a 1200 meter swim and dinner at Jalapeno's!

Stories of Summer - the album

I've put together the album for my Stories of Summer. The album is a We R Memory Keepers album from their Raw Goods collection and most of the major scrapbook products decorating the album are from Fancy Pants Design - Rusted Sun Collection which I love + other miscellaneous embellishments.

Here is the front of the album with the cut out colored acetate flip flops and their awesome rustic summer papers and embellishments.

I decided to 'tab' the months (lower right corner). This page begins June. Again (from previous post) This isn't an everyday album but stories of our summer.

I added a photo booth photo set to the album, inserting it into the page with the story.

I added a few more details of the story using a 'journal' card/ tag from 7 Gypsies.

Ok, that isn't all the pages but just a few. As you can see it is primarily a digital album but I already have planned some non-digital, traditional scrapbooking pages. I may even print the overlays onto a piece of patterned paper and hand journal too. Endless possibilities - and still two + some days months to go of summer.   

Stories of Summer

Because yesterday held several stories of summer I'm going to incorporate some non=digital scrapping into those stories [inspired by Ali's blog today]. Looking forward to those. In the meantime, our day yesterday started out with a surprise trip to the pottery shop which was on my summer plans list. I think the end of summer I'm going to do a summer plans fulfilled list to see how we did (and add any amazing things I didn't have on my plans)


Stories of Summer

Oh my! Hoosier Man and I had an amazing date night last night. We drove out to Tybee Island to a little out of the way restaurant along the water - A.J's Dockside Restaurant. We had a drink at the bar waiting for our table - a beer for me and a diet coke for Jeff. When our table was ready they took us out to dockside and ate in the open (although our table was on the 'porch'). We had Shrimp and Grits for an appetizer. It was the yummiest tasting shrimp and grits. It had a nice Cajun kick to it (And I got the recipe!!!). Then we had Jambalaya Pasta (with Penne, tomatoes, green peppers, sausage, chicken and shrimp in a yummy broth). Very nice dinner followed up with homemade Key Lime pie (not too tangy!) and some wonderful, live, Classic Rock singer/guitar music and a bit of watching the sun begin setting.

Then we drove out to the beach and walked a mile or two along the breaking waves, in the cool sand. What a memorable evening!

Amazing night - and I'm lovin' this Stories of Summer project.

Busy Day

We had a busy day today. We did grocery shopping this morning. It was very strange having Jeff along doing grocery shopping - it has been a long time since he's been able to come. I unloaded the cart at the check out and found quite a few items in it that were a surprise. I got a kick out of it; and Jeff just got a sheepish look.

Jeff and John dropped Jarrod and I off at the mall for lunch before we headed to Prince of Persia - the Sands of Time. Wow! Good, good movie. Very action packed, and exciting. Then we all went and got the boys new glasses. We ordered Jarrod's first pair that he'll only need to wear when he's reading the board or for far distances.

And here is another Stories of Summer vignette.


Stories of Summer Vignettes

I'm joining Ali Edwards in her pursuit of stories of summer. I will be making a 4 x 6 album of Words + Photos (and a few bits of other memories), or vignettes of our Summer 2010. Because they are vignettes they will not be every day. They will not necessarily be just normal summer activities but I want to capture the whole of summer. Some pages may be one event but be two or three stories that need to be told. I'm very excited about this project - so very NOT overwhelming. Here are the first couple sets of Words + Photo Stories of Summer Vignettes - by me!