a summer manifesto.

a summer manifesto.

"putting into a list what you (I) want to have happen over the ever-so-short summer months. Setting (declaring) an intention..."  - Ali Edwards

Each summer for the past couple of years I've 'declared' with intention what I what to accomplish over the summer; what I want us, the boys and I, and all of us as a family, to DO over the summer. I want to be purposeful about DOING over the summer. This summer, unlike other summers I am working full time, which limits my time - our time - to do things.

But, it's all about being purposeful and actually making choices to make a summer more and awesome!

Without further ado...my summer manifesto:

1. Make a Jackson Pollack work of art with John and Jarrod.

2. Watch the sun rise at the beach, eat at the Breakfast Club, and spend the morning on Tybee Beach.

3. Fresh flowers around the house

4. Play games with the boys.

5. Go berry pickin'

6. Make homemade freezer jam.

7. Homemade peach ice cream

8. Embrace the mornings - do something on even those mornings when I work in the afternoon.

9. Visit the Farmer's Market regularly

10. Fireworks in July

11. Find a 'new (to us)' television series to watch from start to finish (alias, merlin, battlestar galactica, etc.)

12. Have a Low Country Boil

13. Unplug.

14. Make homemade popsicles

15. Create things.

16. Try something new.

17. Paint some pottery.

18. Grill some brats, throw them on brochen's with spicy hot mustard

19. Go to the movies

20. Make homemade lemonade (with our new juicer!)

21. Roast hot dogs (and marshmellows) over an open fire

22. Have a movie marathon night, into the morning with tons of appetizers and munchies

23. Day trips (at least two)