the weekend lens

it looks like just dirt. but hoosier man and the georgia boys tore down the dilapitated shed that was leaning juxtaposed to the house

then they  reused, recycled the pavers, tore up the old sidewalk at the side of the house that leads to the garage door and replaced them with this, larger sidewalk. better

the backyard was a mess when i got home from work on saturday but by the time they had to come in to get ready for church hoosier man and the georgia boys had used up even more of the left over paving stones of various sizes for the entryways into his barn. those gas cans will have their own shed behind the barn when hoosier man reuses and recycles pieces of the torn-down shed

we hit the beach on tybee island early on sunday to welcome in father's day. it was an absolutely beautiful day

hoosier man and i walked the beach for a couple miles

interrupted a crab

hoosier man wrote our names in the sand. the next wave they were gone.

after hoosier man, the georgia boys, and i rode the waves for awhile, getting knocked down a couple times until hoosier man taught me how to 'climb' over the waves i decided to relax and read my book

and the rest of the morning the boys (all of them) made a sandcastle. we had money in the meter until 1130 and about 1120 we packed up our stuff to head to the van. after changing and talking about the morning we went, a sticky, sandy mess to jalapeno's in town for hoosier man's father's day dinner - lunch.

i planned on making a big batch of blueberry cobbler for small group but too many weren't going to be able to attend so we cancelled and i made a half batch because hoosier man still wanted it we settled in for movies and leftover homemade pizza after we cleaned the house. and then had blueberry cobbler and french vanilla ice cream for a snack.