what I learned | winter edition

This afternoon I am linking up with Emily P. Freeman for What I Learned  - the winter edition.



1. I read Isaac's Storm in January, which by the way was a really good book, and learned that because of the 1900 Galveston Hurricane, which is the storm the book centers around, meteorologists were able to forensically deduce that it is storm surge, and not wind as they'd previously assumed, that is the deadliest and costliest side of a hurricane. I think I remember from 30 years ago when I studied tropical meteorology that question was considered of high importance and was on my tropical meteorology final exam. Unbelievable how far the field of meteorology has come.



2. After receiving an unsolicited compliment, I learned wearing makeup smooths my face, evens out and tones my skin, and removes redness. At a minimum I now wear make up to church on Sundays. At this time, though, I have no plans to change my morning work day routine and will not be adding 'putting on makeup' to my day. It was very nice to receive the compliment, though:)


3. Duolingo is a sweet little site for learning [and re-learning], or learning what I should have learned in my college Spanish classes. They'll remind you via email. If you haven't visited in a couple days, they'll tell you they miss you. They give good praise reports. They, like it's an actual person, really, cheer you on. They want you to learn. I am a repetitive learner so I review, review, review, already previously-viewed lessons.


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4. David Balducci books are quickly becoming favorites. I'm just about done with The Innocent. I almost stopped reading it because the first couple of chapters just weren't my forte but, man, it turned the corner, just like that. So good! The Last Mile and Zero Day - awesome!

//Life Hacks//

5. Roasted red pepper sauce is amazing! It gives pasta a fresh kick, pop of flavor that blows tired, ole spaghetti sauce out - of - the - water!


6. Giving. A steady flow of giving, makes the heart beat, race, for more. More acts of service, more acts of kindness, more gift giving and making handmade gifts. When I began this nourishing a heart of giving project this year I had no idea the impact it would make on my spirit, my heart, my mind, the upwelling, the overwhelming joy I've experienced each time I have given away my time, my money, my service, my gifts. I am humbled to be apart of God doing something in me and through me. Giving. It's a beautiful thing.

what I learned in August 2016


Bartles and James Pina Colada wine coolers are a refreshing, light-on-the-alcohol beverage I can enjoy for an after dinner refreshment. For a season (a couple of years) my taste buds were wanky and anything alcohol (and chocolate!) had a bitter taste. I never did figure out why. But, more recently, over the last couple of months I have been able to eat most anything chocolate (except M&Ms), and B&J Pina Colada wine coolers (a favorite from many moons ago) tasted great!

Packing a variety of books into my purse or messenger bag to read during various down times is a wise choice. I carry a Vera Bradley messenger bag to work, along with a purse and at any given time I'll have, at a minimum, two books, most often three or four, to read during those quiet moments at work, waiting in the car, - or at a stop light. Because I've found that while I may want to read one book now, I might want to read or begin reading another book later. Thus, a variety of genres works best. Usually, a non-literary fiction, a Christian non-fiction, and even a literary fiction (or what I'd call literary).


Walking in place is torture on the buttocks, thighs, and calves versus not walking in place which, for me, is torture on my hips. I am trying to be faithful about walking everyday this month, missing one mile only a couple of days. To accomplish this, I've begun adding walking in place to increase my distance. Thankfully, it doesn't hurt my hips as much as strictly walking, but, man, it's torture (in a good way) on the buttocks, thighs, and calves.

Organizing my books by color makes me smile every time I walk by my bookshelf. The blue books and the white books are in the front and most visible (because our bedroom is blue and white and that is where our bookshelf happens to be currently.

I missed attending Bible study outside my home. I joined a ladies Bible study Tuesday evenings at my church recently and I didn't realize how much I missed being part of a Bible study away from home - and with women. We are studying I & II Peter and I am getting some serious study time in and loving it! I still have a few more sessions of the Beth Moore and I plan on ordering her new study coming in September, too.

What have you learned this past month?